Free bridal make-up in Leicester, Surrey and London

Hi ladies

I've just joined this website as I'm in need of a bit of a hand!

I currently work on a well known make up counter and I'm looking for a slight change in career as I want to start up as a freelance bridal make up artist! I have already done some of my friends and families make up on their wedding day and I have just completed a bridal make up short course (I didn't learn anything new really, so a bit of a waste of money in my opinion!).

I need to get some bridal work photographs together so that I can start to make a good portfolio and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me out? In return for a trial and/or wedding day application all I'd want is a few photographs of you that I could use in my portfolio. I'm willing to travel within reasonable distance (if you are super far away and don't mind helping me out with travel costs I would consider pretty much anywhere!).

(I frequently travel back and forth to Leicester so that's why I've put down Leicester too, incase some of you thought it was a bit odd or that I had bad Geography!)

Anyway, if anyone is interested please let me know image

(I assume this post is allowed here as I'm not advertising for monetary profit, just for help)


  • Hi I'm in Surrey and getting married in Italy so would be interested in a me image thanks
  • I would but I'm not getting married until November 2012 in Kent (but I live in London). Also, I DON'T want traditional tanned, nude/peach bridal make up either - I want pale skin, flicky up eyeliner and red lips! On the one hand, it would be something a bit different for your portfolio but if you wanted to concentrate on classic bridal look, I'd quite understand.
  • Hi, I would be interested but im not getting married until April 2012. Is that too far away?
  • Titianette:

    I totally understand where you are coming from, are you going for a more vintage 40's/50's kind of look? I often sport the pale skin, red lips & liner look myself when I go out etc so it's pretty much my most repeated look that I do on myself (I have over 10 shades of red lipstick, it's quite worrying!)

    I think it would be brilliant to have something a bit different for a bridal look so it would be so great to have in my portfolio. If you'd be interested we could arrange for a trial one day, I'd assume (HOPE lol) that by Nov 2012 I'd be charging for bridal make up but if you liked what we came up with at the trial and were willing to help out with travel costs I'd not charge anything else. Let me know what you think image
  • Hi Amybride2b

    No I don't think April 2012 would be too far away at all, anything that helps my portfolio is what I'm after. If you wanna discuss things then PM me with whereabouts you are and we can take it from there image
  • rhiv84rhiv84 Posts: 35
    Hi Miss_B1986,

    I'm based in Surrey and would LOVE you to have a go at my face image

    I was thinking of doing my own make up, as I'm not really into make up that much but would love a trial and the day...and perhaps I can buy some stuff from you to use in the future?

    Where are you based?

    I'm getting married in September this year, so almost on the 6 month countdown...I've send you a PM...Many thanks xxx
  • I live in Berkshire. Would you be willing to cover this area? I would be happy to let you do a trial and my wedding day in exchange for photos which in June on a Friday. Please feel free to pm me if you are interested.
  • Hi,

    I am based in berkshire. If you are willing to come to this area I would be more than happy to let you do a trial and my wedding day too. Please pm me if you are intersted. Thanks.
  • i'm in nuneaton and getting married 25th june h your welcome to do my make up if you want to .. i'm about 15 mins from leicester x
  • Hi. I have booked my make up artist already and paid a deposit but im leicester area and would love a email isx
  • I PMed you image
  • I PMed you image
  • Hi, I would be interested in a make up trial, I am living in Durham but travel back to Derbyshire frequently. I'm getting married in Swadlincote which I think is near- ish to Leicester!?

    My email address is [email protected] if you want to get in touch?


  • Hi I'm getting married in May and would love a trial. I'm in Petersfield, Hampshire though, so not sure if this is okay for you. My email is: [email protected] Let me know. Thanks.
  • Hi I live in Nottingham, I'm not getting married till sept 2012 (in derby) but am happy to have an early trial, or its always nice to have makeup done for a night out, if your interested e mail me on [email protected] Lydia.
  • Hey there, I PMed you image
  • happy-lydhappy-lyd Posts: 184
    Hi, I haven't received a pm sorry.

    Haha I got confused must have been half asleep I thought cattyt had PMed me - duh, thought it was odd, must pay more attention x
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married on April 17 this year, and would love to have a trial. I live in Essex. Feel free to PM me if interested.

    Thanks xx
  • Hi all

    Thank you all so much for getting in touch (whether it by via here or PM) just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm not ignoring any of you, virgin media have been in over the weekend as I've been having so many problems with my broadband and it should be back on and running tomorrow so I'll be in touch ASAP to everyone who has got in touch with me (currently writing off my blackberry which isn't ideal!).

    Be in touch soon, thanks again everyone image
  • hi im willing to help ya out as my wedding is in august this year im in doncaster south yourkshire

    my email is [email protected] if your still needing help
  • Hello,

    I'm getting married on May 7 2011 in Hampshire (near Reading) but I live in SW London. I'd love a trial as I rarely wear makeup and haven't yet booked anyone.

    PM me if you're interested!
  • LauraS22LauraS22 Posts: 1
    Hi, I live in Croydon and getting married in September. Would be very interested in having a trial and make up on my wedding day as I'm totally clueless with make-up.

    Please PM if you are still interested, thanks.
  • I am based in Northampton, between London and Leicester and am getting married in June. I am in desperate need of a make up artist because i am so pale i do not want to end up pasty or orangey!

    [email protected]
  • Hi,

    I'm based in Essex/London and am currently looking for a make up artist for the big day.

    I'm not getting married until July 7th 2012, so I understand you may be charging by then. I'm still happy to arrange something though x
  • Hi, thats great! I would be more than happy for you to slap some make up on me!image

    I am getting married this September in Cyprus so would love a make up trial to see what kind of thing i should go for as it will be a little bit hot?lol

    Im also having a big reception when we get back (I live in Milton Keynes) so i would also need a look that's a little more suited to the good old english summerimage Get in touch if i'd be any help and good luckimage
  • Hi I am getting married in September and would love a trial and possibly make up on the day. The wedding is in Yately which is hampshire but pretty much on hampshire/ surrey/ berkshire border if thats any good? send me a PM if interested. Thanks, Rachael
  • Gemmarosa9Gemmarosa9 Posts: 139
    Hi Miss B, I'm interested in a trial and possibly make-up for my wedding day in July. I live in Chesham, Bucks and my wedding is here too, about 15 mins from junction 18 on M25. I was just going to do my make-up myself but would love a helping hand?

    PM me if interested


  • Hi,

    I'm definitely interested - I'm getting married on 7th June 2012 and live in Market Harborough, would that be of interest? Also, I'm interested in the idea of airbrush make up - do you do this for a flawless finish?

    Please PM me if you'd like more info.


  • Hi there,

    im getting married in July this year. I am currently looking for a make up artist and hair stylist to do my hair. Was hoping to have my hair and make up done at home!

    I would love a trial if you are stillinterested? And am quiet happy to be used for portfolio etc.

    I should (fingers crossed) be living in Chalfont St Peter (bucks) by then about 4 miles from Uxbridge Town Centre. You will need to drive or I can pick you up from a train station, nearest to us is either Rickmansworth or Uxbridge, or mainline would be Denham train Station which comes from Marylebone I believe.

    Email me on [email protected] if you are interested, im currently searcing, but its really hard to find someone who seems to be good and isnt charging me over £300 as well....


  • lynnie-blynnie-b Posts: 2
    Not exactly sure where you're based but is Oxford too far out of the way for you? Also, I'm a bit late in reading this so you may have all the takers you need! But I'm getting married in Sept and thinking of doing my own but would love to be 'practised' on, might mean I get to pick up a few tips!
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