Anyone wearing a Johanna Johnson headpiece?

Hi ladies,

I've fallen love with a Johanna Johnson headpiece (the one on the right in the photo), but am not sure if I love it because it looks good on the model or because it's actually pretty:


Wondering how it would look in real life... I'm a little scared to spend so much on a headpiece I've never seen and can't return once I buy it online (has to be shipped from Australia). I also really like Jenny Packham's Acacia ii, though, and am essentially looking for a good statement headpiece. Anyone have a pic of either yourself or someone else wearing something good? I would love to get one for less than 150 pounds...


  • Ros2011Ros2011 Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I have the same dilemma as you! I fell for the same headpiece but am not sure about what it will be like on! Did you get any replies on your thread? I would love to hear any feedback.


  • saralovesbensaralovesben Posts: 185
    Not sure which one you are referring to, as I can't get the pic up? I almost went for her Garland headpiece which looks gorgeous but hate ordering from abroad when something is so expensive, and I wasn't sure how it would actually sit on me. I ended up buying a gorgeous headpiece from here-

    They are in the UK so I felt safer, and I am really really happy with mine. They do some gorgeous one-offs and seem to have a range of prices. Worth a look. image

    If not, may be worth trying places like ebay to see if there are any second-hand Johanna pieces about?

  • MerciniMercini Posts: 1
    I can't see which headpiece you're referring to either, however I wore 2 Johanna Johnson pieces on my wedding day just last Sunday and I think it's probably the BEST decision I made.

    I wore the Garland Crown along with the single Garland headpiece, as per the model shot on the website.

    So many people have commented on the headpiece alone (more so than the dress) and I've even had a couple of offers from people willing to buy it.

    I haven't figure out how to attach images here however if you message me your email address I'm quite happy to forward a couple of photos.

    My advice: GO FOR IT! It will make you feel like a true princess on the day.
  • I too invested in beautiful Johanna Johnson dress and accessories and received so many compliments. The good news is that Johanna Johnson is stocked in London at Luella's Boudoir (sp?) though I got mine from Sydney. I'm sure you could make inquiries through the website / call directly as the staff are just lovely and so helpful. Good luck! x
  • I am also so interested in the Johanna Johnson garland piece.  Could either of you send me a couple pictures of you wearing it?  Are either of you interested in selling yours?  I love it, but it is just too expensive.  



  • I would LOVE to buy this from anyone if they're willing to sell it?

    I need it for a wedding in December. Let me know.

  • Hi, I too am really interested in the Garland crown, Mercini, may I see a photo of how you wore it? Are you at all willing to sell? Thank you!

  • I have just received my Garland Crown - it's beautiful!!!

    I am thinking of getting another one to make it a COMPLETE crown (if I can find a cheaper one/hoping JJ lower their prices on current items when new season arrives!)
  • Hi there is one on ebay just now it's by Precious Jules Boutique it is a really close replica have a look ladies. There's also a Precious Jules Boutique site.

  • alina kalina k Posts: 1

    hi, i am really interested in the johanna johnson garland crown as well as the seperate garland headpiece. Is anyone selling it or does anyone know where i can buy it at a cheaper price? Also, @ vintage loving bride, can you please link me to the replica on ebay. i cant seem to find it. thanks

  • Hi I have found the same crown and wonder what it looks like in real life!

    Does anyone have photos they could send me please?


  • taurusuktaurusuk Posts: 1

    can any of ypu brides tell me how to attach th egarland crown in my hair, please? it has loops but no clips!! im onfused and stressed...!!! xxx

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