Airbrush makeup artist near Bournemouth?

Hi girls,

I'll be getting married in November 2011, and am looking for a good airbrush makeup artist in the Dorset/Hampshire area. Any suggestions or recommendations?



  • HalligreenHalligreen Posts: 235
    Hi I have just read some of your threads and wanted to say hi. I live very near Bournemouth so if I can be of any help to you then do get in touch - it must be so hard planning a wedding when you are not living here. I can recommend these guys for hair and makeup - I was bridesmaid for my best friend and she used them and they were great - so great that I am going to get them to do mine when I get married in December.

    I will always try to give you an honest opinion about anything so do ask if you need help Nikki x
  • Hi,

    I'm a Airbrush Makeup Artist and Hair stylist.if you would like we could arrange for a free makeup trail.

    My website is and phone number 07854483949

    Many thanks.

    Have a great day!

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