Vintage hair accessories

If you are looking for unique, beautifully handcrafted vintage hair accessories, having a look at this website :


  • Great thread - I have a vintage headband and I absolutely love it! Probably more than my dress! Mine is from here-

  • JCWCJCWC Posts: 1
    Very lovely Sara, love to see pic of your headband image What dress are you having?
  • Hi JCWC, my dress is by Jenny Packham, it's called Eloise. I don't know how to post pics on here, but if you google it there are loads. My headband has really beautiful art deco detailing, more on one side than the other, (if you know what I mean) image I wanted something quite striking to complement my dress detailing. Am having a long two strand necklace designed for me as well, to match it (not exactly but just complement it). Now just got to decide on earrings, not sure what to go for... image
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