Make up Chalfont St Peter.

Hi Ladies,

Maybe you can help me? I am getting married 2nd July 2011.

I am running on a very tight budget, and am pretty rubbish at doing my own make up if I am honest!

I thought about doing my make up myself, but wondered if anyone knew of any make up artists (even trainees) who might want someone to practice on and I am willing to trial and then they do whatever they like to my face!!! as long as its not perm!

I have a hairdresser but if the package was cheaper together then I might consider both together as it might be simpler.

Nightmare, did have a girl who said she could do it for me (she was a trainee) and never heard from her again, gutted! She sounded lovely too!

Any advice around my area would be great as I am new to the area. I am not far from Uxbridge either, and I also dont mind going to the salon in the morning either for a trip out! might actually be easier that way as parking is incredibly limited at my house!

Thank you ladies for any advice you might offer, good luck on eevryones impending weddings. xxxxxx


  • Hi Caroline pity your so far away I could have helped you. Do you have bridesmaids,mothers and guests who may need their make up done as well? We may be able to travel to you and you may be able to get yours done for free. If you want to email me direct on [email protected] We may be able to assist - good luck Wendie
  • smiffy101smiffy101 Posts: 78
    Hi I'm using Katrinabridal - web site address below

    they are based in Amersham which is not far from you, i have had a trial and was really pleased, prices are on the website - they are not cheap but the trial i had was fantastic, they listen as well as giving ideas and the makeup they did was perfect!

    Good luck x image
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