My Hair/Makeup woman hasn't shown up for my trial!

My trial was for 6.30pm tonight and she hasn't shown up! I emailed her this afternoon but she didn't reply. Her phone is going straight to voicemail.

I have no idea what Im going to do now!


  • georgiamh84georgiamh84 Posts: 128
    No way! That sucks, she sounds completely crap - be glad you know now and not on the actual day! Where abouts are you based? Hope you've managed to get hold of her by now x
  • themis1977themis1977 Posts: 109
    Yes I have heard from her now and rearranged the trial. She got stuck on another job.
  • catty_tcatty_t Posts: 76
    I had this happen to me, was really hurt. Never heard from them again either!
  • Did you get your money back catty_t? i know it must be hard for them when they have to travel but you would like to think that they leave enough time - shamefull really.

    Let us know how you go with your trial
  • fair enough she got back to you hun, but i wouldnt trust her on the day, she should have rung text or something. hope all goes okay xx
  • catty_tcatty_t Posts: 76
    It was someone off the forum offering it for free to build up a portfolio so can't really complain, back to doing my own now. Very annoying and upsetting, her loss really though as if she'd done a good job I would have given her a VERY generous travelling allowance!

    Aparently Kate Middleton is doing her own make up so if it's good enough for the future queen!!!!!

    Just annoyed as not only has she let me down, she's let my mum and maid's down too! So more worried about them and their feelings!

    Hey Ho!!!! Sorry didn't mean to steal the thread was just commisirating with you! Glad you're now sorted themis1977 - Have you paid for the day yet, or do you pay on the day? May be worth holding back the cash if you are worried so they'll definately turn up!!! Have you had the trial yet? Were you happy with it?
  • themis1977themis1977 Posts: 109
    I haven't paid anything yet. She said that she got stuck on a commercial job and wasn't allowed to use her phone. I have rearranged the trial for next week.
  • DollyDaisyDollyDaisy Posts: 425
    I was starting to think i was alone with this problem i've had two let me down so far, i have my third lady booked for a trial on Tuesday so hope she turns up.
  • hpsauce84hpsauce84 Posts: 274
    catty_t - I've been trying to book a trial with someone from this forum who was offering make up for free to build up their portfolio too. I gave her a couple of dates I could do but she couldn't do either of them so I gave her a different couple of dates last month and I've not heard anything at all from her! I'm presuming she either doesn't want to or can't do it anymore but would be nice to have been told either way!
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