Good eye make-up on a budget?

Hello ladies!

Right, having blown my make-up budget to smithereens on Laura Mercier primer, foundation, concealer and blush I am now looking to try to scrape some cash back by using high-street brands for my eyes. I already have really good mascara, so I'm literally just after eye-shadow really.

I want a natural look, light browns, taupe etc. but with a bit of shimmer, and that won't crease or dissolve over the course of the day.

Can any of you recommend any good products that won't break the bank, or am I going to have to divert some budget back to fancier brands?? image


  • stila are supossed to be good & sell them & so do fragrance direct
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    I went and bought all my make up today and I have gone for Bourjois eye shadows. I got 2 of the trio sets (priced at 7.99 each) because they do a shimmery pink set and a shimmery brown set (in the Smokey Eye range) and I will be blending these together to have pinks at the top of the eyelid and brown of the crease. I tried it out when I got home and love the look! I had also blown the budget on foundation and setting powder and lipstick so this was a refreshing change when they were 7.99 each!x
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