Change of beauty routine??


is anyone changing their beauty routine in the run up to their day? I've got 6 weeks to go and I'm not sure if I should be paying more attention to the products I use? All the magazines seem to suggest I should be changing my routine but I don't know if this is normal. My skin is generally ok and I drink about 3 litres of water a day - anyone got any products they can recommend? x


  • HisEssexgalHisEssexgal Posts: 900
    I have changed my beauty routine, in as much as I have stepped all my treatments up, am looking after my hands better and my feet putting Soap and Glorys hand and foot lotions on at night and then putting socks and gloves on. Taking extra care with my facial cleansing and moisturising, using The Sanctury salt scrub with is gorgeous on my body twice a week and using a body brush, I am even making sure hubby uses moisturiser on his face lol. I think it's important to make more effort in beauty in the run up to the big day. xx
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