Kiss the Bride lipstick?

I've never really been a lipstick wearer. On the occasions where i've worn tinted gloss i haven't let my partner kiss me for fear of smudging it all over our faces.

I'm considering wearing nothing on my lips for the ceremony so i can kiss my husband properly, unless anyone has any good recommendations!


  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    A matt lipstick if well blotted shouldn't transfer too much. I wear really strong red lipstick a lot but was always afraid of it transferring until a make-up artist taught me the art of blotting properly.

    Put on lip-liner to make the shape and then fill in with the liner.

    Then go over it with lipstick and blot on tissue until nothing comes off on the tissue any more.

    Repeat the lipstick and blotting.

    That usually lasts me 'til I have fatty food and barely transfers.

    The other option is one of those long-lasting lipsticks with two ends that dry onto your lips and then don't transfer at all, but they do tend to end up looking really messy by the end of the day (as they peel off rather than rubbing off) so you'd have to totally remove it and reapply between the meal and the evening reception.
  • MossumMossum Posts: 650
    A lip stain is good too. I used the Benefit one. Will be wearing that with a bit of gloss on top. Snogging can happen laterimage actually later I'll probably be drunk/asleep
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