Hair and Make Up Trial with PICS!


Had my hair and make up trial today i was pleased with the hair styles - think i will go with the all down style. But my make up was a little too heavy for my liking. Going to have it toned down for the day itself.


  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I like the first style!
  • MossumMossum Posts: 650
    That make up does not look at all heavy! I think you could actually take stronger makeup on the eyes to make them really stand out if you wanted to. However, it looks gorgeous as is. The hair is lovely, both styles.

    The up one looks very 'summer garden' type wedding, really classic, but then the down one looks really young and whimsical! Not normally keen on down do's but that is so nice.
  • DollyDaisyDollyDaisy Posts: 425
    thank you both i think it's more down to me never wearing make up it felt so odd.

    This is me in my dress, i thought the down one would suit it better

  • Gemmarosa9Gemmarosa9 Posts: 139
    I don't think the make-up looks heavy either! It looks really nice and natural image

    I like the hair up do from the back- very classic and elegant, but I think it frames your face better down and I love the loose curls.

    Is that a CB hair flower?
  • sherbournesherbourne Posts: 263
    i think the make up looks lovely, really natural.. personally i like the back of the up-do but think the front looks a little bit unfinished sorry i'm awkward.. i like the down do aswell though. x
  • DollyDaisyDollyDaisy Posts: 425
    Gemmarosa9 - it is a CB hair flower is love it so much.

    Going to go with the hair down style and book another make up trial with my lady just to get it tweaked image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    If you want to make your eyes really stand out, use mascara but notmuch else - you can keep it light if you're unfamiliar with makeup, but still highlight your eyes.

    Sorry, I know little about makeup, but are you wearing foundation? I don't normally wear much makeup, so one thing I am set on is no foundation - I wouldn't feel like me. So I'm happy to put heavy stuff on my eyes and mouth and some powder on the cheeks but then I don't feel coated with it.

    The reason I like the first style is because of the front. They're both beautiful at the back, but I just love the way the curls creep over your shoulders in the first look. I'm going for down curls myself although not the same kind!
  • DollyDaisyDollyDaisy Posts: 425
    yes i have foundation on, i never wear it usually more of a eyeshadow/lip gloss girl.

    I don't dislike the make up, just doesn't feel quite right or very me if that makes sense image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I do like makeup, as in I like playing with it. So normally I just wear eyeliner, or I do a "fancy dress face"! So I want to find the middle ground between "not me, but lots and fun" and "me, but very little of it".
  • Gemmarosa9Gemmarosa9 Posts: 139
    Haha- I'm such a CB geek! I was going to get one of her hair flowers but went for a band in the end.

    It looks lovely and really suits your dress/look image
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