advice needed on hair and make up-what comes first?!

I have found someone who want to do make up but she has another wedding on that day too and said she would have to do my make up at 8am so me and bridesmaid would both be done for 9.30am. getting married at 1pm-do you all think this would be too long to have make up on before actual wedding??? also would mean having hair done after so would that be ok??

have found a back up make up lady she is just more expensive and this one has been recommended but just not sure of the time. your advice would be lovely!thanks xx image


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    i think that will be fine - its not like u'll be doing much on the wedding morn apart from sitting being fussed over and pampered - well thats what i'm hoping for anyway!!lol as long as yr hair not being washed by yr hairdresser then that will be fine - i'm a hairdresser and like the makeup done first usually so hair doesn't get moved when putting foundation on etc!x
  • I am afraid I have to disagree. I always do makeup after hair (without ruining finished hair). I would worry that if your makeup is done so early and then the edges of face might get scraped or smudged by the hairdresser if you have your hair put up or if your hairdresser uses heat on your hair to blowdry it your skin could end up looking sweaty.

    Where are you based? I might be able to recommend someone for makeup.
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    Agree with Juliet. Depends how long wearing her products are, but for someone like me, with incredibly oily skin, I prefer that just made up look.
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    Sorry, another one here for hair before makeup - I agree with Juliet, the heat of the hairdrier / rollers / tongs just makes the finish on my makeup not quite as perfect as it was. I'd also be a bit worried about her rushing the job to get to her next wedding if she has two to do in one day!
  • oh no im confused!!thanks for the advice though. i did worry about the being in a rush element, hmmmmmm. havent found that many im from teesside area and most of them are based in newcaslte and seem to charge a fortune to travel. i have found one in middlesbrough who is a bit dearer but might end up booking her instead.if anyone can recommend please let me know!!xx
  • I know I am biased being a makeup artist but I think your face on your wedding day is as important if not more so than your dress.

    I think there could be an element of being rushed (I have done over 800 weddings over the last 11 years and have never booked them back to back as it's just not fair on either bride). I think you will kick yourself if your makeup is either rushed or doesn't look perfect because of heat etc from the hairdresser. I would go for the other artist and try to save the extra money elsewhere.

    Juliet x
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    Just out of interest, how can makeup... "melt"? image
  • If the foundation gas been put ontop of a primer or set with a setting spray which makes it heat resistant if the skin gets hot (eg comes into contact with a hairdryer) the foundation can become slidy on the skin and move about - almost like it's melting into the skin.
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    So if I don't wear foundation, there will be no melting?
  • No but if you have combination skin just make sure it looks relatively shine free (superdrug do great blotting papers) or you could look sweaty on camera. Oc8 is a great anti shine moisturiser which would be good too (
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    I was going to use powder. I've experimented with doing a light talcum base and then using a combination of blushers and eyeshadows over it. I think this is sensible?

    *must remember moisturiser*
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