Make Up Artist Dilema - Help!

I want some opinions on this please.

I got a quote from a make up artist:

Me - Trial £50. On the day £70 (estimated 1 hour)

Mum - Trial £50. On the day £50 (estimated 45 mins)

I recently had my make up trial along with my mum, which cost us £50 each, so £100 in total.

I didn't like the outcome that I got, and I told the make up artist this, but just got the old line -One the day I'll do this...'. But my mum really liked her make up.

So I told the make up artist that I wasn't going to book her, but my mum wanted to book her. And now the make up artist is saying -I'll have to charge your mum £70 on the day instead of £50 for a single person'.

What should I do? Help!


  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Stand up to her? Tell her you either want a free extra trial where she'll show you something you like, or your mum's for £50, and make it clear that otherwise you'll book your mum in with you wherever you're going?

    That's what I'd do.
  • HelenBPHelenBP Posts: 395
    I've just spoken to my mum and she is disgusted at how the 'professional' make up artist has behaved, and doesn't want to book her now due to principle...even if she lowers her price back to £50.

    Its a shame there are make up artists like this that give the others a bad name. I'd love to name and shame her!

    I'd like to hear from some other make up artists on this. How would you do business?
  • Hi Helen, oh no! that's awful if you didn't like the result, it can really shake your confidence. I am a freelance make up artist with over 10 years experience in bridal, fashion shows, london fashion week, tv and celebrities. My absolute passion howsver is bridal. You can view some of my work at if you like and you can call me on 07812103607 if you wish to discuss.

    Best wishes,

    Sarah x
  • Hi Helen,

    I think I understand what she is saying re charging your mum a higher rate. As she is not doing the bride, then she needs to charge her bridal rate for the person she is doing.

    However, if you were not happy with the first trial AND you told her so, then she really should have carried on until you were happy or offered another free trial at another time.

    It's fine saying 'on the day it will be different' but what if you don't like it then either? It needs to be right at the trial.

    I've just spent four hours today with a bride trying to cover up some tattoos which I didn't get right at the first trial. It's not something I normally do so I asked the bride to come back today for another go. I haven't been able to do it today either, but I have learned I'm rubbish at covering tattoos and it won't be a service I offer! But imagine if I'd said at the first trial 'it will be okay on the day' I've ranted a bit but I hope you get my point.

    If I were you I would ask for a free trial or if you feel that you don't want to work with this person now, look for someone else.
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Oooh, Sarah, do you think you could give me some advice on makeup? I'm struggling to find really permanent lipstick. I've tried some in department stores, but they all come off after a cup of tea and a sandwich!

    You're site's VERY disturbing, btw (that's a compliment; I like disturbing art!). Amazing what you can do with clever makeup and photography!
  • KKBrideKKBride Posts: 280
    That is quite expensive anyway, my trial was £50 for both me and my mum and the girl was really good. Changed things when I said I didnt like them and listened to us.

    I'd find someone else if I was you!
  • HelenBPHelenBP Posts: 395
    If my wedding was on a Saturday in August I would totally understand the minimum charge. But my wedding is a Thursday in June. And the make up artist lives within 15 miles. She is a full time freelance make up artist. Plus she was charging me milage.

    I did tell her that I wasn't happy with the foundation after two attempts and she just kept saying 'On the day i'll do it different or use your own make up'. She also said that on the day mine would take 1 hour and my mums would take 45 mins (hence the difference in price). Now she is changing her mind!!

    Also, she said she allows up to 2 hours per trial per person (so 4 hours in total), and she left in a rush after 3 and a half hours.

    I feel totally disappointed.

  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Don't use her. Maybe ask on here for other people's recommendations?

    I've tried some lipsticks on. One girl did a sample for me and I went away looking like a child who had eaten strawberry jam! Given the quality others have produced, I was astonished!
  • finding someone to do my wedding make up is possibly the hardest thing of planning our wedding so far-nightmare!prices are all over the place and i am confused by the fact you have to book but have trial just before-what if you hate it!im not paying for loads of trials so need to find someone who i think gonna be amazing!this is stressing me right out xx
  • Hi Rowena, thanks for the compliment!

    I really would recommend MAC pro long wear Lipstick or Pro long wear stain. The thing with a long wear lipstick is that it is a matte texture so therefore very opaque in payoff.

    To truly make your lipstick stick here are my tips:

    1. Prime the lip with prep & prime by MAC, apply on and around the lip.

    2. Apply lip liner, start from the centre of the lip and work out to a neat line covering the whole of the lip.

    3. Apply longwear lipstick, press tissue against lip and dust with loose powder.

    4. Reapply lipstick.

    Hope that helps!


    Sarah x
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