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Hi ladies,

I want to buy some of this for my wedding but you can only get it from MAC shops, not department stores and my nearest shop is 40 miles away!

I'm not sure which colour to go for. I am really pale and usually have the lightest shade. Has anyone else risked buying it online not knowing their exact colour?


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    You could ring them and ask them what you think the closest would be.However, I've used this and find it fabulous for your legs but too watery for the face. I wouldn't use it.
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    farrowa-the thing with MAC is there are so many different shades it's really hard to get it right unless you try it on. Like I would say I usually buy the lightest shade in make up, but with MAC Im not the lightest shade. Also some of the colurs are pinky based and some are yellow based. Usually you can get samples-it might be worth emailling them your predicament and see if they can send you a sample? Or you could look on ebay?

    They do have MAC in some department stores like House of Fraser and some smaller stores (there's one in Brixton I can't remember the name of).

    I've been using MAC for years and they are usually really willing to help people out! Good luck image
  • Hey, I worked for 3 years with MAC, and I say this to every customer, it is impossible to colour match someone who is not physically there. With MAC, every type of concealer, powder and foundation comes with a choice of either yellow base or pink base. Also, are you considering a spray tan before your wedding, as this will also affect the colour you need to purchase.

    Kindest regards,

    Sarah x
  • Hello,

    My make up artist is using this foundation on me and I am super pale! She used shade c1 which is better for pale skins as the N1 shade is more for people with a yellowy skin tone. I never thought it would be light enough but being such a good formula is worked perfectly. I am milk like pale where you can see veins. I love this foundation as you can build it up to get the right level of coverage that you need. I am going to treat myself to some as it is so rare I can find one under £30 that fits my skin tone!
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    Agree with kittykatk8, I'm very very pale too and needed the same shade (C1). Can you take a trip to your nearest Mac counter to try it? I know it's a way away from where you live, but it would be worth getting colour-matched as it's hard to tell which shade to go for (whether you're yellow or pink based in in your skintone). It is a great foundation though, so perhaps worth the trip if you're keen to try it. Only thing I have noticed is that the smell of the foundation isn't too pleasant, although maybe I've got a dodgy batch! xx
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    Thank you everyone for your reponses.

    I have emailed MAC for some advice. Hopefully they will be able to send me some testers.
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