Hair up or down for a wedding abroad?

I'm getting married abroad too, and as much as I love hair down, I know mine wouldn't look as nice after a couple of hours. Very frizzy and the thought of it stuck to my forehead or the back of my neck really puts me off. I don't want to look at the photos and see my hair looking awful! Everyone is different though, and if you have naturally straight hair, may not be such a problem.

Could you not go with two styles in mind, one up and one down, and have a trial before you get there, see how you feel? xx


  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276
    I had mine up for our Cuba wedding as it would have been too hot on the back of my neck to have it down!! Also it was well sprayed so didn't move an inch all day and night and made one less thing to worry about x
  • MissTuscanyMissTuscany Posts: 352
    I'm wearing my hair down i think.....i too have long straight hair, and just don't think i'll feel like 'me' if i wear my hair up. I'm going to have a really good cut before i fly out there, so it will be nice and light with more layers in it....should be fine x
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