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I need a bit of help. I need to sort my skin out as it's becoming ridiculously oily and I seem to want to wash my face constantly - but refraining from doing so not to make the problem worse.

Can anyone suggest any good products to help keep skin clear and cut down on the oilyness? I can't wear makeup because of it as it just comes off quickly regardless of how good the stuff is!


  • Hi, I recommend you book in at a good beauticians for a Facial and they can advise.

    I had never bothered with facials before planning my wedding but I had one last weekend and it was amazing, my skin has been great since!

    I have oily/ combination skin like you and I bought a Decleor mattifying toner and a matt finish moisturiser and so far can really notice the difference in my skin. On the cheaper side though, Oil of Olay also do a good one for problem/ oily skin.

    I am going to try to have one facial a month, cash flow permitting...
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    I feel your pain!!! I have the oiliest skin ever! After years of acne and massive pours I am just about there!

    I recommend getting your base skin care reoutine up to scratch. I used 'clean and clear' range for ages and then I moved up to Clinique 3 step routine no.4. In addition to that I use an exfolitator which is very grainy every couple of days. The best thing ever has been getting a gel based moisturiser.
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    Re make up...try bare minerals loose powder. Its really good. I find that putting a facial serum on rather than a mosituriser gives a good base.
  • Dear Brummy Bride,

    oily skin can be a nightmare unless you get your routine right.

    Let me tell you I have terribly oily skin, I would put my make up on and then 2 mins after leaving the house be a shiny greaseball!

    I bought everything from Ren to Estee Lauder to Darphin to Clinique, you get the idea. I would wash my face at least 3 times a day and exfoliate or put a mask on every other day.

    I started to work in Space Nk and spoke to the 'in house' beauty therapist and she told me that I was over cleaning my face and by doing so my skin over produced oil to compensate.

    She got me onto a very basic skin care routine, cleanse at night using Eve Lom cleanser and moisturise only in the morning.

    Its the best thing I have ever done, no more shine!

    If Eve Lom is out of your price range I recommend a cleanse of oil by either shu umeuera or MAC, I know it sounds crazy to use an oil on oily skin but oil is the only think that removes oil.

    Try it it works!!

    Kindest Regards,


    [email protected]!/Mydressingtable
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    Thanks everyone for the advice, going to take it all onboard. Thankfully one good thing is that I've never ever had a problem with spots so my skin is clear and unblemished BUT it's just the extreme oilyness I can't stand.

    On my list is: a good old facial and testing a few of the products you've suggested. I have already got the Bare Minerals on the go, love the make up but the powder still doesn't stay on.

    Thanks everyone!! We'll see how it goes.

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    Blotting papers have become my absolute must-have.  I love the ones from Clean N Clear, they work amazingly and are super cheap!   I had really embarassingly oily skin all my life, as well as acne. My acne has gotten a lot better due to finally finding skin care products and Rx's that work, although I do still have breakouts. But I still have skin that looks oily frequently. I have found that washing my face often DOES NOT cause my skin to be more oily, it's more a matter of WHAT I wash my face with, and whether or not I take the time to follow up with a toner and my proper acne products. If you can stomach them, Zinc tablets can also have a great drying effect on skin. I use the Clean N Clear continuous control scrub when my skin is calmer and either the Phisoderm Acne Gel wash or AcneFree's wash when my skin is weird. I use natural/ organic toners (love Alba Botanica's). I don't wear liquid or cream foundation: I only dot concealer on spots that need it, blend, and then dust with a powder that contains drying agents (currently using Almay's Anti-acne pressed powder).  I have tried BE/BM and a LARGE variety of other mineral-based powders, and they were all pricey and did not work for me. I also found that the less make-up I wear, the better my skin looks. And I also stick with natural/ organic blushes whenever possible. Go ahead and criticize, but I rarely moisturize. The effects are never good, even with organic products. I usually only get away with moisturizing in summer. I did my own make-up for my wedding, and did my usual dot/blend/powder and nothing more.  I think it looked ok...and the blotting papers worked wonders!



  • For getting oil free skin for this I suggest you apply lemon and curd mixture. It's best.

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     Egg white and honey mixed mask or cucumber masque is good to reduce oil deposits.

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