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can anyone advise me i have a deep line on my forehead and want rid for wedding. Has anyone had botox and what they advise me to do? many thanks imageimage


  • nina874nina874 Posts: 44
    I have had botox, it can help with a medium frown line but if you want to get rid of a deep groove you will probably need a combination of botox and a filler to plump the groove out,
  • mungotobemungotobe Posts: 99
    thanks nina image
  • boobear45boobear45 Posts: 236
    ditto Nina's response. I had a client who had a deep vertical frown line just by one of her eyebrows above the bridge of the nose. I gave her my botox lady's details and she had Botx an a little bit of filler. She looked amazing for her wedding. Don't leave it too close to the date though. About a month before the weddingis perfect timing.
    I work in a company that specialises in botox and filler. botox blocks the message from the muscle to the nerve ending so stops you using that muscle, if that frown line is only there when you frown, and is smooth otherwise botox is fine. if the line is there all the time i.e. when your not frowning then you will need filer to plump the line back out. you have to have them two weeks apart. filler lasts 6-9month botox around 4months but can take up to 2weeks to take effect so would suggest filler 6weeks before and botox 2weeks later. hope this helps
  • If you are considering any non-surgical treatments you should have a trial run just in case you dont like how it looks or anything goes wrong (you never know!) trial runs should be done with enough time between the treatment and your wedding for it to wear off and be redone if you like it ("botox" 3 months, fillers 6 months)

    Jen xx
  • saralovesbensaralovesben Posts: 185
    I would love to be brave enough to go for this, but am so scared of side effects (I always seem to get side effects when I take any medicines,am quite sensitive to stuff, so think it might be a risk for me!) Any advice on this?
  • MrsHumpsMrsHumps Posts: 218
    Im having botox in October on my forehead and eeek I cant wait image xx
  • I've had Botox for the first time on Saturday!! image

    I decided (after ages!) that I'd try it as I feel like I have baggy eyelids (if that makes sense) I always stand in the mirror and pull up my forehead to look at the difference and after a consultation with a lovely lady I decided to give it a try.

    I only had a very small amount put in & I've got to go back in 2 weeks for her to asses whether I need anymore in. I thought this was better as I get married in 8 weeks and was worried I'd end up looking surprised all day & on my photos so I'm glad she suggested this.

    I've got to say I can tell a difference, now it's not huge but I fell better & I was told t takes up to 2 weeks to get the best out of it so I'm think ing in 2 weeks I'll be very pleased with the results. I don't think anyone else will really notice as people didn't think there was anything wrong before but I did it for me & up to now I'm pleased with it.

    I was prepared to cry like a baby & for it to hurt real bad ( I watched Katie price get hers & she cries!!) well there wasn't any pain at all, it was a short scratch like feeling and that was it. image

    I'm not sure whether I can justify the cost every time but I reckon it might get addictive so we"ll see how it goes. image
  • xxhayleyxx1xxhayleyxx1 Posts: 1,038
    I have been thinking of getting it too. Whats better botox or fillers? im only 24 image

    Also my friend had fillers in her top lip and they look amazzzzzing ! x
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337

    I had Botox and so did all my wedding party. the lady who was a nurse came to our house, but she has got clinics in the north west and she was great.

    Think her prices were £150 for 3 areas of botox.

    She also did fillers on a few of the party.

    My mum in law had Dermarolling and looked great after 3 treatments, she never wanted anything put in her face, so this was more natural.

    Think her name was kelly.

    She has a website
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