Hi ladies,

I will be 31 when I get married and with a full time job and 2 children thrown in I'm feeling and looking a bit tired and worn around the edges!

So I'm thinking of getting botox but as a bit of a wimp I wanted to see if any if you have had this before. Does it hurt? And are the results worth the price?


  • Are you just thinking of this for the wedding (and if so, what happens when you can't change your expression?)? Because once you start I think a lot of women keep doing it to keep the line free expression.

    It's not my cup of tea and I wouldn't think it was necessary for your wedding day. A good skin care routine and a good make up artist will have you looking great and without the pain!

    Maybe you could find somewhere near you that offeres it and talk to them about it (although they will probably tell you that you need it just to get your purse open). I'm 35 with a young child and I wouldn't think of having it done. I'm sure you don't need it. That's just my opinion.

    eta...actually, I'm still 34, but I will be 35 when I get married. Duh!
  • I'm thinking of having it done too, but I was thinking of getting it done about 3 months before the wedding. I think that's about how long it lasts and so it should ease the lines, but I should still be able to smile by the time of the wedding!
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    hi there,

    well, I do like it, I have to say. However, I am in my 40's and although (if I say so myself) I do look good for my age and many people think I'm around 10 years younger, I do now have some frown lines appearing between my brows above my nose. I started having it late last year and it is brilliant. As I have hardly any lines anywhere else it does balance my face out which now looks relatively smooth (I still like a few laughter lines when I laugh/smile around my eyes as I think that's normal). A good practitioner like mine will not give you a "frozen" face at all. I can still raise my eyebrows with ease - its a trademark of mine when displeased!! I found that by 3 months time though, it did ease off, so to get full benefit from it, do it 4 - 6 weeks before the big day. Now - you may not like this bit. Personally, 30 or early 30's is a bit young BUT saying that, I have worked on people in their 30's and their skin is really sun damaged or they are smokers or just have just inherited particularly ageing skin. It really depends on whether you really feel that you look more tired than you did a few years ago and can really see a difference. You must seek out a good practitioner and not go to just anyone. Find out if anyone in your area has had it and where they went. My lady is called Heln St John and her website is . Although based in SW London, she has started running clinics countrywide and covers Maidstone, Kent, Bath and Scotland - Aberdeen and Glasgow BUT if you email her she will know great practitioners in your area. She is brilliant, really easy to talk to and does wonders. I am sure that she will address your concerns personally.
  • worth it!! I started getting it when i had my baby, key is to go to someone good, some of the doctors get carried away, it's important to look natural.

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    I had it done with a lady who comes to your house and she did all the wedding party, with Botox,fillers and even dermarolling. She was great.

    Think we paid £150 for botox for 3 areas each.

    I foind her through a friend and she was great.

    No bruising and she is a nurse.

    Think her website is 8)
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