Bob hairstyle......need some advice

Hi ladies, looking for your help !

My hair is in a graduated bob style with a small side fringe. I tried growing my hair for while so I could have a more "traditional up do", but an up do just doesn't suit me. Plus my fianc???? prefers the shorter hair. The problem is, I'm really struggling to find photos of brides with bobbed hair styles ? I'm thinking of a side tiara, but could really do with some inspiration.

Any photos you could find would be appreciated ! image


  • Hiya,

    My best friend is getting married next year and is stressing about the same thing! She has gorgeous hair, but there seems to be such a stereotype of bridal hairstyles around that anyone without long hair gets panicky at the thought of it! If it helps, there are some brides with bobbed hair and side tiaras on here:

    hth xxx
  • Thank you so much for this link ! It's just what I've been looking for image

    You're right, I am getting panicky thinking l'm not going to look like a 'bride' if I don't have an elaborate hairstyle, when to be honest all I really want is to look like me on a really good day image .

  • This is mine. I have short hair too, its almost a bob. But i think side tiaras look stunning! (especially mine!!) imageimage
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    This is really really amazinga and awesome information .I like Graduated Bob Hairstylesso much .

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    I was the same - have bobbed hair and was stressing that I wouldn't look like a bride if I didn't do something different. Then I chatted to my friends and hairdresser, as I didn't really want any tiara, veil etc and realised that as long as I have a fab cut a few days before and style it really well - actually take some time over it for once- I'll be able to make it look really great, which is all I want. So now doing my own hair with Velcro rollers, bit of back combing and lots of hairspray!

  • image

     gorgeous glam bobbed wedding hair, by me image

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    I found some on pintrests












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