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I am normally a very plain and simply girl who wears my shoulder length mousey brown hair down and straight.

For my wedding I wanted something totally different, but I have been advised against it for various reasons e.g I wont feel/look like myself, it will be uncomfortable etc. I also dont really like how I look with my hair up.

I have therefore decided that I will try and grow my hair, or have extensions and wear my hair half up half down, and wavey so that I look a little different without going too far from my normal self. I will also have a floor length 1 tiered veil.

My issue is that I really like and want to wear a side tiara. Do you think this will go? I am worried that with my hair being pulled back to the centre and the veil being at the centre, the side tiara will look out of place and stupid. I cant find any photos of this online.

My mum has suggested not having any kind of bling in my hair, but I want to because my dress is very plain and I plan to take the veil off after the photos. Any suggestions would be much appriciated ladies x


  • Hi

    I am having my hair up on my wedding day, but I have a side tiara and a finger tip length veil, which I already have at home. I have tried them on with my hair down and it looks really pretty. I would advise you to go to a wedding dress/accessory shop and try some on together before deciding, but I reckon it will look great. I reckon every bride needs a little bit of sparkle! xxx
  • I had my hair trial yesterday and I'm wearing my hair high in the middle with a veil in the middle at the back, with a side tiara, and it looked great! xx
  • have a look at my profile pic - this bride had soft waves, a veil and a side embellished hairband...........xx
  • I think the side tiara will look totally fine. The veil will b coming from the back of your hair where it's half up/down I'm assuming, I think it would look nicer with a side band! I'm hoping 2 have my hair with toussled waves/curls with a side clasp pinning 1 side if my hair back a tad. With an elbow length veil at the parentals request lol

    Try different styles and c what u like x
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