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successful (and reasonable) tooth veneers?

no idea where I should post this but has anyone got any recommendations for reasonably priced tooth veneers? H2B has a beautiful smile but he's self conscious about a badly dicoloured tooth at the front (the result of an accident years ago) and I'd love to arrange this for him prior to our wedding next June


  • i got 4 done, along with whitening it came to £4k. Seems like a lot but was worth it. A few months later I went to my normal dentist for a checkup and he asked for the details of my cosmetic dentist as he wanted to use his technician! And he said they were worth the money so that was a relief to hear someone who knows about teeth say that! I can give you the details of my dentist if you like. I would definitely say don't let price infuence your decision too much - obviously it matters but the cheaper veneers are probably not such good quality and unless he has a lumineer fitted, its quite an invasive procedure (the top of the tooth is 'shaved' off which is irreversible) so he should be absolutely certain of what he's getting done. Also, they only last about ten to fifteen years so it will have to be replaced - as I said, they take the top of your tooth off so it kind of needs to be replaced, he couldn't just not have it done as without the veneer the tooth wil look worse than it did originally.

    Hope that helps a bit - it's really sweet you're doing that for him!
  • aw thanks for your replies, flap flap, where is your dentist based? we would be willing to travel for a great service, and thanks for the heads up regarding replacement possibilities. I know he'd allow me to have anything done that I wanted as we both want to feel amazing on our day, although he keeps singing that bloody Bruno Mars song at me about be perfect just the way I am!
  • aww you know he's a keeper then! My other half was the same, said I could have anything that would make me feel confident on the big day and I think that's the most important thing - I love the way my teeth look now but even more as weird as this sounds I love even more how I feel about myself now!

    my dentist is in London, it's the welbeck clinic. I had four appointments in total - first one was for a consultation to talk about what i wanted, and he took photos of my teeth then basically photoshopped them to show what they would look like after the work was done. Second appointment was for moulds to be taken of my teeth - literally took about 15 mins in total. Third appointment I had them whitened and prepared - thats the bit where they take the top of your tooth off and he fitted me with temporary veneers - that was so I could confirm whether or not I was happy with the shape and let him know if any adjustments would be necessary and I had them for two weeks while the final porcelain veneers were made. Then the final appointment I had the temporaries off and the porcelain veneers fitted. And I'm over the moon with them now, so glad I had it done!

    At the initial consultation (which cost an additional £90), my dentist went through other possible options. For me, veneers were the only thing that would give me the look I was after but as cora apple has said, a veneer might not be necessary but the dentist will be bale to advise you on the best option! image
  • I got 4 veneers done at my NHS dentist at £150 each to straighten out my upper front teeth, along with bleaching to make sure the rest of my teeth matched the same colour as the new veneers. It might be worth asking your own dentist if they have it available.

    Also, I had root treatment on a tooth years ago which caused it to discolour as it was effectively dead. You can get internal tooth bleaching where they inject bleach inside the discoloured tooth and they bleach it back to normal from the inside out, perhaps that is an option???


  • Thanks for the suggestion Debs, will have to persuade him to go have a consultation i think and see what they suggest is the best route to take (no pun intended!)
  • and flap flap, thank you again
  • Debs, I'm so pleased you have posted this. I had a root canal in one of my front teeth and it is now badly discoloured. I hate smiling and hate having my photo taken as it's so obvious. I am going to my dentist next week and was going to bring it up with him.

    How much does the internal bleaching thing cost, and how long does it last? The other option for me would be to have 2 veneers on my 2 front teeth. £150 each isn't bad atall, I thought it would be thousands. Hopefully my dentist is that reasonable too.

    Thank you so much, you've made me feel more normal about my silly tooth problem!
  • argh have i been ripped off?! haha, debs what are your veneers made of? might be something for me to consider in ten years time when mine need replacing?
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