Spray Tan??

Hi Ladies

I am getting married on Saturday and have quite pale skin so have decided to go for a spray tan. I have booked in for Thursday, 2 days before the wedding. People are saying to me that it might rub off on my dress and I am panicking now. The salon uses fake bake.

What is everyone else doing?xx


  • i have had a spray tan once, everyone said it looked great, and none rubbed off, bt when i look back on pics, it jst wasn't me! so as pale as i am i'm going au naturale for my wedding! hope you are happy with yours xxx
  • Hi there

    To be honest, i think you are mad going for one on Thursday without having a trial first.

    If you want to take away the pastiness and have a slight glow, then try one of the gradual tanners. I like St Tropaz mouse and Fake bake Fair is also nice. You get a nice colour even after one application (using a mitt).

    Whatever you decide to do, EXFOLIATE really thoroughly!!!

    With regards to rubbing off on your dress, a couple of friends i know had spray tans and it did rub off a little under the arms, but you couldnt really see it. It may rub off onto the inside of the dress. I used the above for my wedding and because its so light and just a hint of colour, it didnt rub off at all.

    Have a wonderful day xx
  • I fake bake quite frequently and love the colour but it does rub off on my normal clothes so I'm staying au natural this weekend at my wedding. Also what if it went streaky and that would forever be in your wedding pictures?

    Also a friend of mine pointed out how much I'd stick out within the wedding party of I was the only one bronzed image
  • Don't do it!! Unless it's something you do regularly your hubby might not recognise you! It's just my opinion but on your wedding day you want to feel like 'you', or at least a spruced up version of you. You may look back in years to come and wish you were more of a 'classic' looking bride. Just take a look at any bridal magazine, pale classic brides are in! I also think white/ivory accentuates fake tan and it really could look a bit tacky if overdone. Hope I haven't offended anyone.

  • I wouldn't do it either! I am quite pale and look really odd with a fake tan (plus you always do it too dark on your first go as the colour looks so much lighter when it first goes on!). Go with your beautiful natural skin - I think paler skin tones look beautiful with white/ivory. image
  • Like you, I am very pale. During the summer, my lower arms got a bit of colour, whilst the top of my arms didnt. My dress was strapless, and thought it would look odd. I didnt want to use any fake tan from a shop as I can never apply it properly, so I decided to get a spray tan.

    The salon use St Tropez and did a patch test 48hrs before my appointment. I was promised I wouldnt turn orange.

    Apparently, St Tropez works with your natural skin tone to produce a natural colour. I must say when I had mine done, people commented on how healthy I looked, but alot of people couldnt tell I had had it done. I also noticed little streaky patches which I didnt like, but in the photos you cant see them at all.

    When I took my dress off at the end of the night, there was a few places where the tan had come off. I havent had my dress cleaned yet as I havent had time so dont know if they will come out. I dont think they will in certain areas as there is a lot of bead/crystal work in those areas.

    I was pleased it evened out my colour, but looking back, I probably wouldnt have it done if I could have my day again.
  • Go for sienna 3 days before the wedding you'll be fine, just shower and moisturise, its fab and they do different shades, it onli adjusts to the melonin in your body, Im page had an 8% tan and it was amazing, i wore white 2 days later, none came off on my clothes
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