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First hair trial (sort of!) - with photos!

Hi all,

I went to the hairdressers for a trim today, and because they were quiet she had a play around with my hair, to get ideas for the wedding. Unfortunately my usual hairdresser will not be doing my hair on the day, as we're getting married 2 hours from home, and this was an unplanned trial (just playing around really!) - but it gave me some things to think about before I have my "proper" trial with the girl who will be doing my hair on the day.

Just to give you an idea, this is my dress:

As you can see, it has a halter strap - this is detachable, but I like it (it makes it a bit different I think) - so I need to keep that in mind when choosing a hairstyle.

H2B likes my hair loose (he wants me to look all hippy and boho!) and so I was thinking of having a half-up, half-down do - not all loose, otherwise I think you won't be able to see the halter strap.

I really like the way this makes my hair look from the back - it's very fine, and it looks so thick here! But I'm not sure about the front (a bit school girl like?), also I don't know if having my hair around my neck all day would be irritating if I got hot, or at high risk of frizzing (which it does do easily!)

This is it pinned up:

This would be more practical I think, and my Mum likes it better... but I'm not sure if a bit dull? But maybe could be brightened up with accessories/flowers?

Any thoughts? This is a very rough trial, like I said, I have lots of other ideas I'd like to try out.


Claire x

(Edited because I messed up the photos!)


  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I cant see the pics image
  • Oh no! I can see them... do none of them show up?
  • MahomarMahomar Posts: 175
    Nope can't see the pics hun x
  • Bum. What am I doing wrong? Let me try again:

    Can you see this one?

  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Yep! But none of the rest!
  • The dress is stunning tho and if you're hair looks ANYTHING like the pic on there it will be fab! X
  • OK has that fixed it? I had set my photos on photobox to "private" by mistake... xx
  • Haha Rebecca, I wish I had her hair (and waistline!). Mine is sort of fine, straight and fluffy! x
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    I love the updo looks so pretty!!
  • Wow I love them both! If I had to pick I would say the down style. It's simple and classy.

    I personally don't wear my hair up though so maybe that has influenced me image x
  • I LOVE your dress I think it's stunning! Personally I think that your hair looks great up or down both styles suit you but that having it up would show the dress off better.
  • Yeah Rebecca, I tend to wear my hair down most of the time when not at work (it has to be tied back for work) and prefer it loose when straight. I'm just worried about it frizzing, or blowing around in the wind and sticking to my lipstick (!), and also missing the detail on the dress strap. Was also thinking about messy updo similar to how she styles mine today, like this (this isn't me, obviously).

    or a loose up do, like this:

  • I think the up style suits u lovely and would look very classy with the dress, the halter strap is lovely and if u are keeping that on (I think u should) then u don't want your hair covering it and looking 2 fussy!

    Halter and hair up = gaaaaawwwwjus x
  • I prefere the half up half down do. It looks lovely from the back, just needs a little work at the front.
  • I think the updo looks much better, and will show off the dress properly. The idea of a messy updo is nice though, as it's still quite loose and natural but out the way and not distracting from the halter strap (which, btw, is stunning on the dress). hope this helps image
  • Thanks! I really like the halter strap too, the dress arrives in November - can't wait to try it on again!
  • I prefer the half up half down it looks beautiful! wish my hair was that long!! it still looks lovely up tho, and i think you will see the dress better with it up xxxx
  • I think they are both lovely, but think id edge towards the half up half down. Yout dress is gorgeous, where is it from? X
  • I love the first one- thats how i want my hair done.

    You could 'jazz it up' with a tiara or hair clip etc?
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I LOVE the back in both dos, actually especially the updo! HOWEVER, the girl in the dress photo has "Big" hair, and I think that works with the dress because of it being so slim and floaty, so I'd like to see a few more loose tendrils of hair around your face with a bit of "bounce" to give it a rounded look.
  • I think the up style looks great, more special. Curly hair in a down style is more standard i would say, but you do look lovely in either!
  • MahomarMahomar Posts: 175
    Because the model has her hair down in the display photo, I'm veering toward the half up/half down style, but with a little more volume perhaps, as others have suggested.

    Both hairstyles are stunning though! As is the dress! Love Maggie! image x
  • Hi,

    I love the picture of how Eva has it, so much so this is the exact picture i have printed off my hairdresser to do for me.

    I cant see your pictures for some reason but looking at the picture of the dress i think it will go lovely.

    My friend recommended to me to have my hair up, she had hers down and where she was hugging everyone all day the curls fell out and it just looked messy. having it up you wont have to worry anout it all day. image x
  • Thank you everyone for your advice! More practice trials needed I think, I love the way it looks down but think it will go better with the dress in some sort of up-do. But I may change my mind yet!

    To Rachtay83 - the dress is Vanessa by Maggie Sottero image
  • My friend recommended to me to have my hair up, she had hers down and where she was hugging everyone all day the curls fell out and it just looked messy. having it up you wont have to worry about it all day. x

    Thats really good advice!

    I plan to have mine half up/down so it doesn't get in my way. i have longish hair and am terrible for always tying it up!

    Your dress is gorgeous!! image And you wouldn't want to cover such a beautiful feature of your dress.
  • OMG - cant see the hair pics but the dress is A-M-A-ZING.....................wish i could get married again (to the same guy!)

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