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Anyone recommend a hair/makeup artist in London/Surrey?

This is the one thing Im really struggling with - the ones Ive seen online are either really really expensive or cheaper but just not what Im looking for at all!

Any recommendations or ideas of websites/places to look would be much appreciated

Thank you xxx


  • If you visit or there are artists on there covering those areas.

  • Hi MrsGenn2B

    I cover that area so email me and i can send you some details & pics to consider

  • hi MrsGenn2be,

    not sure what your budget is but my lady is Mel Kinsman. She is based in London and covers all of the South East and West (most areas of Surrey are free of travel charge). She is part of a team with her hairstylist, Eric. They are doing my wedding and did my friend's last year and sister's earlier this year (in Surrey and Hampshire respectively). They are about mid price range but check her website

    Tell her I reccommended you on the forum - she found out that I have been doing so and has offered to do my manicure (Shellac) as a thank you!!
  • Hi ya oliveoil, have had a look at her site she looks great, what kind of price range does she charge?

  • hi Loobyloo - just thought I'd catch up before going to work (got caught by my boss reading the forum yesterday - oops!)

    I think I'm paying around £280 for hair and make-up including trials. I am treating Mum and Sister to both as well (m/up £40per person and hair - not sure as they haven't decided on style yet). As I am on more of a budget than my sis was for hers, my bridesmaids are having their hair done by my sister-in-law 2be as she is a hairdresser. I had a trial with her out of politeness but declined for the wedding as I already had met Eric at my siter's wedding but also his work is was so much better than hers and I didn't want to cause friction on the day. So she is doing my bridesmaids as a wedding present and they are doing their own make-up. Some may get Mel to do it but they will pay for themselves.
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