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Hair and Make-up - How far in advance?

Hi, how far in advance would you recommend I book my hair and make-up for my Wedding?

It's not until New Years Eve next year but would like to get the key things in place and the date secure.


  • As soon as you find a hair and make up person you get on with and who can provide what you have decided on, the best ones get booked 12 months in advance, if you local to midlands there is a fab lady her work is amazing, can give you her details if any help to you ?
  • As soon as you can really so that the lady you like may be free..........xx
  • I booked mine 3 days after l booked the wedding image so that was 18 months in advance, its the only way to ensure you get the one you want
  • Ditto what everyone else has said. If you have your heart set on a particular artist get in asap. I gave some dates in peak seasons that I could've booked out 30 times!

    Juliet x
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