Claret wedding dress

I'm having a claret wedding dress in a 50's style, and finding it difficult to find bridesmaids dresses to suit this.

One-i have an usual colour dress, so they need to go with claret,

two-it's a fifties style!!

I'm thinking of champagne colour to go with it, but can anyone suggest any other colours that might work? Same for flowers.

And any links to suitable bridesmaids dresses are much appreciated! =)


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    You might get more replies to this in Wedding Fashion.

    I can recommend looking at as they sell tons of 50s style dresses in loads of styles and colours. The prices are reasonable (although do factor in shipping to the UK and customs duty) and their customer service is great too. I got my bridesmaids dresses (50s style) from there and was really pleased with them.
  • I had a claret wedding dress. I had 4 bridesmaids so two were in a Olive colour and two were in a plum/rasin colour.

    I looked everywhere to find colours that matched as I found ivory/cream just didn't look right with the colour of dress I had.

    Have you got some sample fabric of your dress? If you have just take it with you and test against colours.

    Glitters x
  • thanks for your replies =D! i hadn't thought of those colours glitters!! =) i'll post in the other forum too thanks =) x
  • thanks for the links too =) im having a look now! x
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