Anybody else doing their own hair and make-up?

Please tell me I'm not the only one image

I can't really justify having hair and make-up done within our modest budget...& I never wear a lot of make-up anyway, so I'd far rather do it myself than be made up to look unlike myself iykwim.

However I'm worried that I won't do a good enough job - would I look better in photos if I had it done professionally...


  • you're probably more than capable of doing your own make up, have a few trials at your local beauty counter and watch and learn. Remember on teh day that your make up will have to be in place all day so do several LIGHT layers of everything, ie light foundation, wait for it to dry properly and do it again, same with blush, eyeshadow and eye make up, use professional brushes like an eyelash comb so you don't get gloopy mascara. As for hair, again ask a hairdresser friend to style it and then teach you how to do it yourself. I'll almost certainly do my own as I'm getting married abroad, unless good friend (hairdresser) decides to come out on holiday. If she can't we've already planned a day of styling and teaching
  • I'm not doing my own hair as I'm useless with hair but am doing my own make up.... I have had a make up lesson and am going to practice and am confident I can do it myself haven't saved any money though as I've spent £160 on make up oooops .... But I will use it again as I wear make up every day .....
  • I'm doing my own make-up and will be having a makeup session to see how I want it done. I am getting my hair done as I want a half up, half down curly do... I'm useless at doing curls at the back of my hair so will leave that to a hairdresser

    You will look lovely on your day, just practice loads so you know it is exactly how you want it!
  • getting my hair done at my local hairdressers. getting it done for £30 as all i want it front pinned back and loose curls with a couple of sparkly pins from claire's accessories.

    doing my own make-up as im a fully qualified beauty therapist, don't need someone else doing my job for me image
  • Thanks girls. I think I'll use it a chance to invest in some decent make-up and will practice lots!
  • I was going to do both hair and make-up, but think I'm going to have to get my hair done as my dress really needs an up do and I'm useless at doing anything fancy with it! Will be doing my own make-up though - I manage to do it myself every day and get it how I like it, so don't see why it should be any different for my wedding!
  • Im useless with hair unless it involves a pony tail or my GHD'S. So a hairdresser is a must, but i am doing my own make up. Go to makeup counters and get some lessons. Invest in some good primer so it all stays in place, and practice. I cant justify someone doing it for me. Bobbi Brown also do an online wedding tutorial xx
  • I'm doing both my hair and make up. My hair is going to be 50s style (think Diana Dors or Elizabeth Taylor and you've got the idea) It's a bit of a faff to get the curlers in right, but once they're in, it's all straightforward. If you do want to do your own hair, I'd say have lots of practice runs (my H2B is sick of seeing me in curlers!) so you'll be a dab hand at it come the big day.
  • JeB87JeB87 Posts: 46
    I know plenty of people who do their own hair & make up, and it always looks lovely.

    When I was a bridesmaid we went to boots to get a free Yves Saint Laurent make over, we were supposed to buy something fromt he counter, not much available below £50! So we went halves on an eye shadow lol image

    You could also have a look at online deals that offer courses, professional make up sets or make overs..may end up being better within your budget
  • I did my own makeup and hair,(there are pics on my report) as I knew how I wanted to look and didn't trust anyone to do it for me. I went to a clinique counter a couple of times for advice and to buy products etc. The girl there also gave me a tester pot of my usual foundation in a darker shade as I was having a spray tan! Good luck
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    I'm doing mine. I had a free trial with Maxx Factor in Boots, and the guy who did my makeup showed me how to do lots of things. I bought a lot of makeup from the Body Shop - they also have some pretty good details and it's usually better for your skin than other brands. Been watching youtube videos on hair and makeup!!!
  • I'm doing my own make-up as I had a few trials free at make-up counters and bought some great products (and don't trust anyone else!) I'm useless with my hair though so have someone doing that on the day image
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