Hair and Make Up In Somerset

Hi Ladies,

I am looking for a hair stylist and make up artist (mobile) who are affordable and quite low budget as I'm on a low budget myself, most of the ladies I've looked at charge about 200 and I don't have that budget. I'm looking for just make up on myself, and mine and 4 bridesmaids hair to be curled.

Thank you.


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    Kind Regards


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  • Whereabouts are you in Somerset?

    I'm going to my normal hairdressers as they know me well - does mean going into the salon, although they book it out for me and they'll do an updo for £35 and makeup for £20. Cheapest I've found it! That's without trial and just for me but it might be worth asking your normal place if they can spare someone to come out to your venue just for the morning?

    Good luck!
  • I'm near Yeovil image
  • Ahh, no recommendations that far South I'm afraid! I'm Cheddar/North Somerset border way!
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