Hair Styles????

I get married in 8 months and am starting to think about hairstyles and whether to have a tiara or headband....the thing is I'm not sure how I want my hair.

I have quite fine hair so am thinking of wearing my extensions to make my hair a little thicker and longer.

I have an idea of how I think I want my hair but am after suggestions....

Ideally I want something soft and princess-like and either all down or half-up, half-down.

I am new to this forum and would appreciate any of your ideas, they would be a great help so I can start thinking about tiaras....etc


  • I'm planning on wearing my hair down or half up/half down because I wear my hair up so much! I'm planning to get some extentions for volume nearer the time.

    My hairdresser has said to wait until I get the dress because that could dictate how I want to wear my hair. Eg if there are straps or detail I might decide on putting my hair up and out the way.

    He also said if the wedding starts early he always suggests an updo so the hair hasn't dropped by the evening do, but our wedding isn't until 5pm so I think I'll be ok!

    In the meantime I'm collecting images of 'hair inspiration'. This is my favourite so far (Jessica Simpson) as I am also planning on getting some nice clips for my hair. If you save up some images you'll see a theme forming and you can take them along to give your hairdresser some ideas.

    If you need any tiara or clip inspiration there's a site called Glitzy Secrets who do lovely pieces.

  • Ahhh I had this pic of Jessica Simpson saved in my wedding folder as a possible idea image

    I will take a look at that website for ideas...thank you image
  • This is how im having my hair, I have hair extesions in and a side tiara:

  • Mrs Nag - Gorgeous hair.....x
  • Wow you're hair looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image
  • Aw thanks girls. I was unsure about my hair in this style at first but think once iv got my dress on and things it will look different again image
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