Make up and Hair in London/Berkshire? Help!

Hello All,

I hope you can help with some suggestion of makeup and hair artists in London or Berkshire. Someone with good reviews- possibly someone that does 'Airbrush makeup'

With reasonable prices.

Thank you! Don't kow where to start image


  • Hi Gabblar,

    my lady has already got a few mentions on this forum recently. She is Mel Kinsman ( She is London based but travels. I am in Hampshire but my friend is using her (a week before your wedding - had a sneaky look at your profile) and she is getting married in Sunningdale too!

    She is great, but not sure if she does airbrush make-up. I had my trial last month and she is a miracle worker. The foundation looked as though it had been airbrushed (had a mega break out before she came).

    Good luck, Sammie x
  • GabblarGabblar Posts: 156
    Hi Sammie,

    Thank you. Just had a look at her site. She looks great. How much on average is she, if yu don't mind me asking?

    Thank you

  • hi Gabllar,

    I don't mind you asking. She is about £150 or £160 I think (will have to look it up but I'm at work at the moment) and that includes the trial. Her hairdresser is around £130 - inc trial and about £40 for the others (though don't quote me).

    Sammie x
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