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Hair/make-up trial in front of h2b?


Well I'm going to get a trial done soon at home, but my h2b will be at home and will obviously see me afterwards....this will be ok won't it?

Just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were. I guess I can always change my hair after...


  • I think if you don't mind your h2 seeing your hair and make up its fine, as it'll look much different on day with the dress etc on anyway.
  • GabblarGabblar Posts: 156
    I don't mind! Thanks...wasn't quite sure what the 'norm' was.

    A bit difficult to keep everything a secret when you live together!!
  • hi Gabblar,

    I have done trials with h2be's around - not many mind you, as most clients want to keep it a surprise. I am doing a wedding on Saturday and that particular bride had her fiance sitting in the couch whilst we were doing her hair and make-up - it was a little unnerving especially as he was asking what we were going to do regarding certain eye and lip colours!! Wasn't sure if he was expecting to rummage through my kit at one stage! Hee, hee. But it was mainly cos my client was terribly unconfident about the whole process.

    Perhaps, suggest he goes out to do some errands or meet up with the lads which will give you time to suggest to your make-up artist ideas, get pictures out of dress etc then once you've had your trial, the hairstylist can take your hair down (I am assuming you will have a "do" of some sort) and you can put anything like a veil away afterwards. At least you will have your make-up done - you can go out yourself afterwardsand look great!
  • Sometime it's a really good think to let your h2b see your makeup - if you value his opinion and want to check that he likes how you look. On the flip side I've had brides before who were ecstatic about their makeup but when they showed their h2b he didn't like it because he was seeing it out of context with the hair done and the wedding dress on. So his reaction threw them!

  • GabblarGabblar Posts: 156
    Haha! thanks for the responses. I might have him pop in to get his opinion. I don't even have a veil yet image I have no idea what to get.

    Any suggestions?

    This is my dress... it will have a corset back.

    Thank you
  • gosh, the dress is stunning. If you are having a summer wedding, perhaps opt for no veil as I think the dress speaks for itself and it would be nice to keep shoulders free
  • GabblarGabblar Posts: 156
    Oooh! i really want a veil though...maybe something shorter. I don't want to take away from the detail on the train! it's stunning!!

    How about a plain finger tip length? I just don't know if it should have any embellishments on it...a simple one with crystals?

    Thanks MrsS2b17- is your veil lacey?

  • Gorgeous! A glamorous dress that I think needs glamorous makeup. Maybe smoky eyes and sheer skin, cheeks and lips.

    Juliet x
  • GabblarGabblar Posts: 156
    Thank you all!

    I think I might have smokey eyes. I love makeup...not OTT, just dramatic eyes and subtle everywhere else?

    MrsS2b17 - Beautiful dress and gorgeous veil as well!!

    I love your tiara too, mine is the heirloom of pearl side tiara. I'm going for a vintage look with our wedding!

    I have my first trial next Saturday!! Will post pictures.
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