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Jane Iredale mineral make-up

hi ladies,

Iv found a beauty spa which does bridal make-up for a reasonable price,the make-up they use is Jane Iredale mineral make-up which I know absolutely nothing about,never even heard of it...... Does anyone know about this brand of make-up?good or bad? image

Thanks xx


  • lohan85lohan85 Posts: 185
    They use it at the shop I go to for my nails it's mineral based so it covers up blemishes really well but looks really natural. I really like mineral foundation. I tried bare minerals last Christmas and now I can't wear liquid foundation as I can really see it on my skin now Im used to the minerals.

    I've not tried the jane iredale one but I believe it is really good. I am either going to have this from the shop I usually go to or theres another one close by that does bare minerals. I think Jane Iredal is more up market image
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