How much for hair?

How much did you pay for your hair trial? I had mine today with one bridesmaid (the other one is having her hair done elsewhere as she won't arrive until just before the ceremony). We will be having our hair done at the venue and for the trial she came to my house.

There's not much she can do to mine as I am wearing a top hat so I'm having a very low 'up do'. She did a fantastic job of my BM's hair, really had the wow factor.

She charged £95. I haven't had the invoice for what she will want on the day yet.

Is this reasonable?


  • My hair trial was £25 and my two bridesmaids were £20 each. On the day my hair will be £55 and the bridesmaids £35 each. We all went together to get it done and I contacted the woman afterwards as I wasn't sure about my style and she spent another 3 hours doing different styles free of charge until we got one I was happy with. Great value for money although she probably hates me now!
  • Wow, that is a good deal! I think there was a deposit in the £95 somewhere and mileage. (I hope! image )

    Your hairdresser sounds lovely, working with you until you were happy, which is how it should be.
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