hair down and staight

I dont like any of the wedding styles I just want it down any thoughts?


  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I've been considering mine half up and straight. It looks longer! I don't think I'd want mine all down and straight as I wear my hair like this a lot. I think you should go with what you feel comfortable with though.
  • mrsroe2bmrsroe2b Posts: 131
    I want this too! I want a veil and I have a tiara too so not sure how it'll work.

    Basically though, my hair is really thick and won't hold a curl too well, but it will stay straight! Also like having my hair down as I think it looks nicer than up, and we're having a casual wedding so don't want it up. Oh and I want my BM to sort my hair for me, not a hairdresser so don't want anything fancy.

    Jennifer Aniston had her hair down and straight in her wedding to BP. Looked lovely image x
  • I have a hair band with loads of detail on and dress is detailed so i hope my hair will look ok plain
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    That sounds really nice. I've got a tiara, so would need a bit more volume, but I'm actually starting to feel I'd like my hair straight. I'm thinking of having my trial and taking a picture of it straight and then curled.
  • I am thinking about having mine straight and half up with a plait/ braid taken from the sides, so it looks a bit boho ish and not too bridal. Maybe blow dried a bit (not poker GHD straight) but certainly not curls - it just wont hold in my thick straight hair and will end up looking messy midway through the day.
  • I had my hair straight and down for pre wedding shoot, but after about an hour it had gone a bit fly away and frizzy (this was on a dry day) and I had to brush it between each photo!

    I had planned to wear my hair down on wedding day too, but think I might settle for half up half down.
  • I always wear my hair down and straight but I like it that way- it doesn't suit me up. I've got a veil and tiara thoguht so I'm going to have to go for half up half down I think.
  • It will look gorgeous if you give it a bit of body, flick out maybe and wear a statement piece in your hair, maybe an orchid or pearl / sparkly headband x
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