Advice needed re hair 19 days to go and i'm still stuck!

Hi guys..i'll start with my hair drama first!! (well its not that bad really just panicking! :P)


I always wear my hair down, It's kind of a comfort thing, i twizzle it and i feel it hides me a little bit image)

Hair trial 1

I wanted it down, with loose curls but quite high (cheryl cole/kim kardashian styley!) anyway.. the hair dresser started pinning my hair up at the back and I said to her that isnt what I wanted really and she said that Cheryl couldnt get big hair without it (I know you can because I do it myself on a night out grrr!) anyway but the time she finished, I looked like I had my hair a bit up and a bit down image I then went to try my vail on and the lady got me to try my dress on, I cried and cried i felt terrible image - and refused to get married unless mum found me a different dress! The dress lady told me to try my hair up, the bit on my dress covers up the flabby bits under the arms and she told me it was the most flattering part - she showed me in the mirror how my hair actually idnt cover my arms up like I thought! - So I decided I would try it up (very daring for me!!!)

In between the two hair trials i popped in to try my dress on again with my hair that i just shoved up really quickly and pulled my pony to the side! - I loved it!! but to be honest I dont know whether it was because i was feeling better that day and I would of loved everything!

Hair trial 2!

I had it up but with a pony and all curled to the side :O) she got it high and I loved it, but then i took it out and it looked amazing down, it was the way i wanted it in the first place, cheryl cole big with curliessss image!!

So now i'm stuck, i have no time for a wedding trial and i really dont know what to do - people keep telling me my hair being down will be in my way and it'll go frizzy etc but i love it down - i have no piccies so i dont really know how people can advise but if anyone has any that could help i would appreciate it!! ???????


  • Go with whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever you think looks great. If you dont feel comfortable on the day, youll be forever thinking about it and wont enjoy the most special day of your life! image

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