How long did your hair and make up trial take?

Hi everyone,

my mum and I have a hair and make up trial booked for the weekend. We are having hair and make up done by the same person. My mum has short hair and I have shoulder length. I have two styles I would like to try, but if the first one works I won't bother with the second. How much time should we allow for the trial? My mum needs to be somewhere afterwards and we have no idea how much time to allow before we make arrangements for getting her to her appointment.

Any help re timings appreciated. image


  • hi Mrs Babbs2be,

    normally for both skills, I would allow 3 hours. However, having your mum done too is going to add at least another 1 1/2 to 2 hours, I should think. Some artists are really quick as they give you an idea of how everything is going ot be done on the day but not such a polished finish and other like to make it as near to how it'll be on the day. Artists work in different ways - you should really ask yours what to expect as he/she will know his/her own timings. If then, they struggle within the time frame, then you will know for sure whether or not to trust them to get it all done on the day.
  • Thanks for your reply boobear45 (great name by the way image ).

    Might have to have a speeded up version as we have somewhere else to be after the trial.

    If it takes as long as you say on the wedding day we'll need to start it about 7am! I'm getting married at 1pm but will need to leave at 12 to get to the venue image
  • well, actually, you can shave a good hour off of that on the wedding day as the trial always takes longer to establish what the client wants and to chat over things a bit. On the day, allow an hour for hair, an hour for make-up (to be safe) and a total of 1 1/2 hours absolute maximum for your mum. Don't forget - by the time the day comes around all will have been noted on paper and photos for hair and make-up so it takes less time.
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