evening look?

hi everyone,

can you offer me some advice? my wedding dress is big so i have decided to have an evening outfit too - a high street dress tht i can dance in and still feel special - i have bought this ...

during the day i am going for a very classical look.

so i wanted to spend an hour while people are having tea and coffee and evening guests are arriving to get my hair and make up done into an evening look but i dont no if this is even possible?

i was hoping to go for this kind of thing

but i guess actually the evening dress will look just as good with my daytime hair


  • what a great idea. I, too, went for a different dress in the evening as I knew mine would get trodden on with its long train and also be quite restricting (I knew our reception would go into the early hours and I wanted to enjoy myself!). I managed to get my dressmaker to knock something up in 10 days before the wedding and was grateful that I had. Yours looks so perfect - great to party in and still so weddingy/eveningish. You may not want the bother of fussing too much, but if you are having a professional to do your hair and make-up, they can prep your hair for both styles -ie giving enough body and backcombing so that when you let your hair down or take pins/headress out you can run fingers through and create something, or tie to one side - my hairstylist that I work with often advises brides of ours who love to have a couple of different looks and shows them how to achieve them. And for the make-up - if its is professionally done, it should all last into the evening and perhaps you can use their application as a guide as to where to deepen colour more with a smokey look or just add a vibrant lip colour. Also, just exaggerating eyebrows a bit more than usual and adding a beautiful irridescent highlight to brow bones and tops of cheekbones can really glam it up.

    Well done for being so innovative and different.
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    thank you image

    i was worried everyone would say i was mad to change in the evening but i want to enjoy the band im paying for and the dance floor we are hiring and i cant do that worrying people will be standing on my dress!

  • If you tell you makeup artist your plans she can advise on what you can do to just tweak the makeup on the evening by either making the lip colour stronger of the eyes smokies or sparklier.

    I've done this a few times for brides changing outfits.

    Juliet x
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    thank you Juliet... you are on my list to contact for make up! x
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    I think its a brilliant idea to change up your look for the evening. I love Cheryl's hair in that picture - very glam! If you're having an up-do during the day and then down in the evening I guess you'll have to think about how much time it will take to re-do your hair. If you have a lot of hairspray etc to get the up-do in place then you might have to wash it again to get the down style. Do you think you have enough time for that?

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    i think i need to talk to my hairdresser and see if we can come with a day do that is lovely but then easy to transform into the cheryl do! thanks for that its a good point i dont want to keep everyone waiting hours while i have a shower lol
  • Am I? That's great!

    Juliet x
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