Top make up artist - top airbase make up - lasts all day (and night)

Just wanted to share an amazing find with you all. I booked a trial with a make up artist Jenny Sherman who does airbase make up - think spray tan-type air gun which sprays a thin layer of flawless make up onto your skin.

You hardly feel you have any on and it looks so natural I was so impressed. image

I have booked Jenny to do my make up for my wedding next year -i had a trial last night as I was going out and wanted to make the best of it/see how it lasted. Honestly the make up didnt budge all night (we were out until 4am) and as I couldnt face removing my make up when I got home I woke up this morning and it was still flawless! She built up my eye make up to exactly how I liked it, she was very patient and wanted to make sure it was exactly what I wanted.

It looked fab in photos too.

I am so impressed I had to share this with you. I would strong recommend trying this out.

Jenny's prices are super competitive too, a lot less than some I have seen advertised - and she is a lovely lady. She came to my home to do the trial but will go to the hotel I will be staying at for my wedding day.


This is her website - which she says in work in progress, but it gives you prices etc.

You can contact her through her website and she is very quick as responding.

Im so excited about this - and so was my BM who does really wear alot of make up. image


  • My make-up artist also uses Airbase, it's a big thing at the moment (I work in the industry). I haven't had my trial yet but I do struggle with foundations in my dry areas so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for this one!
  • MrsPugh2MrsPugh2 Posts: 446
    My make up artist also uses the airbase too. So glad to see a positive about it image
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    Some pictures from the night out I had after my make up trial. You can see the dramatic eye make up - I would tone this down a little for my wedding but you can see how the airbase make up looks.

    Not my best pics so excuse the weird facial expressions!!

  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    Just thought Id bump this thread in case any brides in london/essex are looking for a make up artist. I cant recommend Jenny enough x image
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    bump - because i saw some people looking for a make up artist based in essex - jenny is based there!
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Thanks for bumping this! I can't believe the prices on her website, its well within my price range and the pics look fab so i may have to give her a call! I never know where to start with this stuff image
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    I know! Its difficult isnt it. She is so competitive because she works full time and does this in her free time. She is fully qualified and would love to do it full time but says it is so difficult as weddings happen more in the summer and there isnt a steady regular income.

    She is great though. Mention you found her on here if you email her!
  • does anyone know anyone who does this airbrush makeup up north? manchester way ?? looks fab and fantastic price just what i'm after image
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    Not sure hun. Why don't u email Jenny and ask her?? She might know someone x
  • MagentadazeMagentadaze Posts: 968
    There is a forum called themakeupadviceforum where lots of makeup artists dwell. It's great for advice. I'm sure someone over there would be happy to help.
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Just thought i'd let you know that I booked Jenny! She's coming over next sunday to do our trails image I'm really excited. Will try and post some pics afterwards. She seemed really nice and got back to my emails almost instantly, which is always a good sign image thanks for recommending her xx
  • Not tried airbase, looks good. I use bare minerals and I'll be using that on the big day as well.
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    MrsChez2b - thats fab news!!!

    Thanks for letting me know!

    You must post some trial pics?

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