Airbrush Makeup v Traditional

Hi all,

Any thoughts on airbrush makeup v traditional? Makeup never seems to last on me which is partly why I was so keen to have a professional do my make up using products which will last all day, but have now read about airbrushing and am undecided which to go for. Part of me thinks that people have been looking fabulous in weddings for years with traditional professional makeup so airbrushing is not necessary but I'm torn!

Also does any one know if it is possible to touch up airbrushed make up later on if needed?

Thanks very much!


  • I don't use airbrush makeup. I've trialled it and didn't like it - it seemed quite waxy on the skin and had to be buffed in with a brush which defeated the object really. My skin felt dirty after a few hours.

    It just seemed a real faff when I could get a better effect with traditional foundation and a brush.

    If the right foundation is used for the skintype and it's set with Makeup Forever Mist and Fix all the bases I apply last all day long.

  • I've had airbrush make-up done many times and I swear by it! It stays flawless all day and it doesn't feel like you have much on at all. I'm definitely having it done for my wedding, I won't have to give my makeup a second thought then.

    If you are unsure, have a trial with someone who does it and see what you think.
  • This post is a couple of years old now, but wondering if anyone has any more info/opinions about this? I'm choosing between 2 makeup artists, one does airbrushing and the other doesn't. The review sites for airbrushing are just confusing!

    thanks x

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