Pictures from my hair trial

I was really worried as I had my hair cut into a bob in December and instantly regretted it (those tempted to change style before the wedding DON'T!!)

But my hair dresser after 2 hours bless her managed to get something I was really pleased with image

and for 2 of my bridesmaids they'll be having this...



  • That looks amazing!
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    that's really pretty! xx
  • San1969San1969 Posts: 577
    Really, really gorgeous. I love how the bridesmaids hair ties in with yours x
  • Lucas2704Lucas2704 Posts: 100
    Gorgeous image
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    Looks really lovely image
  • That looks absolutely gorgeous!! and has given me some ideas so thanks!!
  • That looks absolutely gorgeous!! and has given me some ideas so thanks!!
  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582
    so pretty!
  • MrsBlakeyMrsBlakey Posts: 474
    Happy to have helped welshbride. Not too many people post their hair pics, I know before I had my trial I'd scour through for ideas!

    San I thought I had my hair sorted then she did my MOH's with the plait and I pulled a face because I really wanted it too, so this is my take on it! Does tie in nicely though, one of the youngest bridesmaids is going to have a full french plait so we'll all blend in!

    Thanks for your kind comments x
  • I think that is absolutely beautiful! image
  • cm_prcm_pr Posts: 339
    I love it.
  • tripqueentripqueen Posts: 222
    WOW thats fab! Considering you have a bob your hairdresser has done a fab job!! image
  • SWB2BSWB2B Posts: 85
    Beautiful! I love it.
  • Gorgeous! You have a very clever hairdresser!
  • very pretty x
  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609
    That really is stunning!
  • MrsTyson2BMrsTyson2B Posts: 133
    I love the bridesmaid hair! Xxx
  • tinainwidtinainwid Posts: 277
    Thats so pretty, hope you dont mind if i steal your style but as my H2B loves me with my hair down, I,m going to add a hairpiece so the curls come down my back.. love it! I,ve been fretting for a while what to do. image
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524
    Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I will be wearing mine down but my bridesmaids both have shoulder length hair and I will definitely be taking pictures of your hair to my hairdresser for ideas!

    Thanks for sharing image
  • MrsBlakeyMrsBlakey Posts: 474
    I'm glad so many people like, pinch and share away! My hairdresser is wonderful, and she's coming to my house on the day and only charging us £10 for each up do and £5 for doing the french plait, total cost of £35! Really couldn't be any happier with her image
  • Awww thats a really pretty style
  • missymoo21missymoo21 Posts: 185
    I love your hair!!

    I always thought I wanted curls and to have my hair down, but after trying my dress on I was sooooo hot and as I'm getting married in August I could just imagine my hair sticking to my back lol!! And I've always loved the look of French plaits, I've never been able to do them myself so it will be a complete new look for me image
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    It different and absolutely lovely !
  • wow love your hair style it looks so pretty. I ould love to have mine done like your bridesmade i alays thought i would like mine up in a high bun with my veil under it. However if i go for this style i will not get a veil! the style is just to pretty to hide with a veil. Thanks so much for posting i ould never have thought of that up do.

    Can i ask hat style of tiara are your bridesmades wearing?? Thanks xx
  • MrsBlakeyMrsBlakey Posts: 474
    Hi Maisie, My bridesmaids are just having some hair jewels in the curls similar to these

    I'll be wearing a veil cathedral length actually, i figured the plaits will be on show and i'll be taking it off after the ceremony (we're getting married in church so i really wanted one!)

    This isn't the best picture (taken in the alterations studio) but you can see the veil isn't too thick so it should all look lovely together image

  • wow you look amazing i love your dress. The hair jewellry is fab too i love that idea, dont know why i didnt think of that myself!! mind you there is so much to think about its great to get to chat to other brides to be for inspiration xx
  • S8mmyjoS8mmyjo Posts: 111
    This is the exact style I'm considering!! I think you look beautiful x
  • SheraleighdSheraleighd Posts: 1,336
    Gorgeous chicky

  • MrsBlakeyMrsBlakey Posts: 474
    Thank you image
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