Doing makeup myself, anybody have any recommendations?

Hi ladies,

I've decided to do my makeup myself as I'm having red lips and fairly plain eyes, so I figure it shouldn't be too hardimage does anybody have any recommendations for types of foundation etc? I was thinking of going to a makeup counter and asking for a trail then buying their products, does anybody recommend a certain one?

thanks for your help



  • Hi, im doing my own make up too! Personally I love DiOr so thats who im going for. Ive heard Estee Lauder is good. I love Clarins skincare but not so keen on their make up. And I tried a YSL foundation at weekend and came out in awful rash but the concealer is fab. If you have the time maybe book trial wits cpl different ones and then decide. Hope that help x
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    Definately a good idea to go to the counters and ask them to find you a foundation to suit your skin type and the coverage you want/need. You can also get them to try out other ideas like how to do your eyes, trying out lippies etc.

    I went to the MAC counter for a 90 min bridal makeup lesson where she showed me how to do each step of the look I wanted. I loved the products - especially the foundation, concealer and lipsticks. I also just got a YSL Glossy Stain which is a comination of lipstick/lipgloss and the staying power is amazing!

    I also use a primer before my foundation to make a good base for applying make up and help it last longer. I love the Smashbox Photo Finish one.
  • I'm planning on doing this too and at the moment I'm considering Bare Essensuals. My sister got a starter kit for Christmas and even I can see the difference in her skin.
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    For my makeup I always go to MAC, their products are amazing and the girls are always helpful. I've heard really good things about them and Bobbi Brown for (free!) help with bridal make up styles too.
  • I had a bare minerals makeover and thought it was great.

    She did one side of my face and got me to do the other.

    I don't normally wear foundation but this was really natural and easy to do. It doesn't feel caked on. So I have been practicing and thin I am gonna do it myself too.
  • Hello! Estee Lauder will match and recommend a foundation for you and give you a 10 day sample free which is really helpful because you can practice with the product and make sure it works for you before committing to purchasing a whole bottle. Beware of light reflecting foundation (and concealer!), it can look white under flash photography. I also think when you're doing your own makeup good quality brushes make all the difference!

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    Foundations with an SPF can also cause flashback so do some testing.
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    I would suggest defo getting a good primer (Rimmel is really good & cheep!) & fix spray to help keep your makeup on allday!

    Also mac mineralise skinfinish powder to finish giving you a flawless look.

    Dior & Mac foundation's are great (Estee Lauder if you like a heavy coverage) but dont go for anything with shimmer/light reflecting particles or too high SPF or you will look pale in the flash.

    Oh & you cant go wrong with some thick false lashes to look amazing in the piccys image
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    I was a bit disappointed with the Bobbi Brown trial I had, I didn't get the flawless look I was hoping for.

    Bare Minerals is nice - I got a started pack for Christmas too! Their concealer is amazing. The foundation is nice but I'm going to try MAC's after what I've read on here (I'd like beautiful airbrushed-like skin like the girls on the adverts!) image
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