How do you attach a side tiara to your head?!

Okay... so perhaps I'm being completely stupid here, but I have just received my very beautiful (second hand) glitzy secrets side tiara and it's sort of half a headband as opposed to a full one which is what I was ecpecting (ie. only about 14cm) with two small metal loops at each end... How am I supposed to attach this to my head?? image


  • GemjemGemjem Posts: 270
    You wear it like a headband and you can use the hoops with bobby pins or hair grips for a bit of extra security to keep it in place if you need to. Hope that helps image
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    I know which style you mean, they don't sit flat on the head like a proper headband, they can sit a bit further back, so more like half tiara/half headband. But you will need some grips in the holes to secure it into place xx
  • Ahh thanks, I did wonder! I thought I would probably need to use grips, but the holes are in line with my head... so that if I put a grip through it would have to go into my head (which would probably kill me)... if that makes any sense?! My hubby2b is a joiner, so might see if he can adapt it so that the holes make it easier to put a grip through.
  • NEBrideNEBride Posts: 49
    Please don't stab grips into your head, haha! They're just inserted at an angle, you don't need to modify the holes. If you have a hairdresser doing your hair they'll manage no problem, if not just buy some grips and practise a bit.
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