Vintage/informal bridal hair??? Help!

Hi everyone,

I went for a bridal hair trial yesterday armed with a few pics of what I was after.... Basically something quite 'vintage' and nothing too severe as I hate my hair pulled back from my face. All the inspiration pics I'd brought included pin curls/soft finger waves in the hairstyle as that was what I was after.... Within 5 minutes of arriving the hairdresser had told me it would be too difficult to do that sort of style on my hair as its too short! (my hair is mid way down my back and the front of my hair has some long layers..)

I wasn't really sure what to do then as I didn't have any other ideas and I had just been told the style I wanted wouldnt work. The hairdresser did my hair in a few styles, up, down, formal and informal, all of which were lovely and I liked them at the time, but looking back on the pics I'm just not sure, they feel a little 'typical bride' to me.

So basically.... Can anyone give me any ideas of hair styles that look vintage but don't involve pin curls?? Has anyone seen any good hair inspiration websites? All suggestions appreciated!!!


  • ith your hair mid way down your back i think the hairdresser is having a laugh if she cant recreate a loose hairstyle. ive got the same length hair at you, again i dont want a tight pulled back updo, soft curls etc! We must be pretty similar in taste! lol and i can recreate a look just like that at home myself. My sister whose a hairdresser can as well. I had a bob and last summer still had a pin curl vintage updo for another wedding. have a second trial with another hairdresser?

    You'd be disapointed if you could re create the look on the day you are wanting! xxx
  • That sounds odd as I'm sure your hair would be long enough to re-create a vintage style. Try Juliet of Onyeka Beauty as she did a vintage styled wedding shoot some time back with my good friends FO Photography. Find her at Not sure where you're based but she's based in London but does travel outside if required.

    Good luck!
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    I think you need a different hair dresser, sounds to me like she cant be bothered to do anything outside of her standard wedding hair zone
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    I think you need a different hair dresser, sounds to me like she cant be bothered to do anything outside of her standard wedding hair zone

    Snap! Sounds like your hairdresser has a standard range of do's for brides and that is that...

    have you tried googling Vintage Bridal hair dos? I too want to avoid the half up/half down thing and am fancying a classic Grace Kelly swept back chignon, only a bit scruffier so my hair is a bit more round my face.
  • And you could always add extensions to your hair for more length so no excuse! xx
  • Yes I feared that it might have been more of a case that she couldn't be bothered rather than it wasn't possible. I have long hair! She said that the hair at the front was too short to do pin curls though. Still not sure how much I believe that but tbh the whole thing has made me really think about what way I want my hair, and maybe something a little less 'done' than pin curls is more me... Going to take it as a chance to gain fresh perspective!
  • New hair dresser needed me thinks....
  • Have a look on my pinterest board for some inspiration although to be honest it sounds like you know the kind of thing you want....

    Obviously its difficult to comment on your trial as i wasn't there so i won't....however with long hair and a few layers around the front a lovely soft vintage feel should be more than possible....light waves, plaits, pin curls and some creative flair!

  • Oh wow Nicoll one word for that pinterest board- Stunning!! Love so many of those styles.... Maybe the style I wanted will be possible!
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