Make up trials...When??

Hi Ladies

I am a bit confused about my make up for the wedding. I have contacted a couple of make up artists and have recieved quotes etc.

Is it normal to book a make up trial after you have booked with someone or before? I am totally clueless image

I am worried that i book someone, pay a deposit and then a month or so before my wedding (at the trial) find out i hate what they have done with my make up.

Should i book 2 trials with both make up artists and see who i prefer?



  • Hi S8mmyjo,

    I also found a few I liked and asked for quotes from them. I'm not getting married until June 2013 but I wanted to make sure I booked a good make-up artist, not just whoever was left with availability.

    I booked initial trials with all of them and explained that I wanted to meet them in person, see how they would do my makeup etc before deciding which one to book, and then I would go on to have a second more comprehensive trial with whichever one I booked to go through everything in full detail.

    I think it's really important to be happy and comfortable with your makeup artist so I wanted to see what they were like in person image

    They were all really nice about it but I went to the first one the other day and the lady was so nice, gave excellent skincare advive, gave me a facial and did my then makeup so perfectly that I booked her there and then and cancelled the other trials! She is amazing, I am over the moon, plus she used chanel skincare and makeup which I use and love so my skin is used to it, I have very sensitive skin. I'll be having another trial nearer the time as a proper trial, this one was more of a see how good she is trial image.

    I'm not sure if it's normal to do it this way but I certainly wouldn't pay a deposit without seeing how good they are first. It does mean that you end up paying a bit more but I felt much more confident booking when I knew she was great image.

    Hope this helps and good luck image x
  • The way I work is if a bride is interested in me doing her makeup for her wedding I ask her to send me a £20 booking fee. When I receive this her booking is firm in my diary. This £20 is redeemable against her practice fee. If she doesn't end up having a practice and changes her mind she loses this .

    If a bride is a bit nervous about her makeup I usually recommend she has her practice sooner rather than later to put her mind at rest (it doesn't matter if the practice is a long time before the wedding as foundation colours etc can be rematched on wedding day).

    If after the practice she decides not to book me on the day that's her perogative (very rarely happens thankfully) so she just pays me for the practice. If at the practice she wants me back on the day I them ask for 50% of the wedding day fee as a deposit with the rest of the fee payable on the day.

    If between the practice and the wedding day the booking gets cancelled the deposit is non refundable.

    I hope this makes sense and clears things up for you (most artists work the same way)

    Juliet x
  • tripqueentripqueen Posts: 222
    I'm having a trial with someone 3 months before my wedding, I'm not paying anything until I meet her and have the trial
  • missymoo21missymoo21 Posts: 185
    I'm not getting married until August and many people say the trial should be 6 weeks before but I don't want to leave it too late just in case I don't like it and then am struggling to find someone else.

    I've sent off loads of emails to check availability and prices and have narrowed down to a few I am considering, two of which I've emailed back and am hoping to book a trial session for within the next month.
  • I was confused about this too. In the end I have just booked one lady for each of them (one for hair, and one for make up).

    I'm not having multiple trials - if I'm really unhappy with what they do then I will just do it myself - it won't look as professional but I have so much other stuff to worry about that bizarrely how I look on my wedding day has fallen pretty far down the list of priorities!

    I'm not anticipating to have a problem because I met both the hair and make up artists (found them through a recommendation from our wedding coordinator and then went to meet them when they were at a wedding fair) and got on really well with them. We have shared images of what I want, and I had a good look through their portfolios so I feel happy with my decision, and am really looking forward to my trials for some pampering

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