Hair band advice needed!!

I had a hair trial tonight, my hair looked great! put the veil on... great!! Then I put my hairband on...

Its gorgeous!! but it heavy, and its one that sits on the left side of my head, any time I lean forward it falls forward, and if i turn it falls to the side.. It feels very unstable.

We thought about gripping it in but you'll see all the grips, even in my hair colour. We thought about sticking a comb to it, but it just wont work. How can I make it stay on my head??

I don't want to tread on egg shells all day!! Help! image


  • MrsBlakeyMrsBlakey Posts: 474
    Can you not bend it so its tighter and sits better? Other than that I don't know what to suggest x
  • No not really, the band is tight, just really heavy! image
  • I have a heavy band to wear too. I am having an updo styled in a way that grips the band and covers the grips, or at least most of the grips. After a few hair trials the band loosened up and seemed easier to hold on my head. I don't know what else to suggest I think it is just a matter of altering the style of the hair slightly to incorporate the band comfortably. Good luck!! Xxx
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