Anyone doing their own?


Is anyone planning on doing their own hair and make up for the wedding?

I dont think I can stretch the amount of money needed to get my hair and make up done by someone on the day.. My budget is quite small.

I am thinking I will probably go out and buy some decents make up and hair products a few months before and start practicing doing it myself!


  • Hiya, I am doing my own make up and getting MIL to do hair.

    I could stretch the budget but don't really like people touching my face or eyes and want something I'll be really comfortable in. I know it is great to get pampered, but it's not my thing and with a bit of practise I think I can pull it off (I do my make up every other day of the year).

    H2B also says he wants me to look myself with my normal look so I am aiming for that... but hopefully a bit better. I was on the forum the other day asking for the best mascaras etc.... if you hear of any decent products,(esecially lipsticks as I have no clue about lipsticks) then let me know!! xxx
  • I'm doing my own make up. Not hair though, not good enough at it!

    Had my make up done when I was a bridesmaid, and the experience was not good. Looked very over done. I'm not used to wearing very much make up, so I might as well stick to my usual routine.

    Do you think you'll go to Boots/Debenhams etc and ask for a trial and advice? I was wondering about doing that, then I'd know what make up to buy as well...
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    i am doing my own hair and make-up as it seems pointless spending money on something i do every day to myself!

    my hair will look exactly the same as it always does, accept with a tiara and veil attached to it and my heavy goth type make-up my man loves will be in full force, only difference is i will need to find water proof equivalents of everything and work out who to keep it in place all day but that's what this place is here for image

    the man is exactly the same- he says he wants me to look like me, that's one of the reasons he's marrying me after all!
  • Mrs M 2012Mrs M 2012 Posts: 408
    I've got a good deal with my hairdressers for trial and hair on the day for £50. That was booking it with a designer rather than someone who is more experienced and my hair style looks just the same image Also as a wedding present a make artist i no through i friend is doing my make up.

    If your on a tight budget try adn ask friends to donate some money towards stuff instead of buying a present. As most of us now are living with our partners for a few years before getting married
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