Choosing Hair Jewellery/Clips/Tiara's.... advice please...

I am a bit confused as to when you start choosing items to put in your hair. Do you normally do this after you've had a hair trial day or do you do it before? And, if you do it before do you just go for things that you think will look right or do you get some advice from a hair stylist? Many thanks for any advice anyone can give me x


  • RapunzbelRapunzbel Posts: 402
    I would've thought before so you can have it at your hair trial to make sure you can work your hairstyle around it.

    I'm struggling though as i have no idea how i want my hair so even less of an odea of what to get to put in it.
  • xriax1xriax1 Posts: 282
    I have bought something I like the look of for my hair, its a comb with 3 flowers and some sparkly bits. I didn't like the idea of a tiara as it isn't me and really liked this comb when I saw it. It will only work if I have my hair up but thats my intention anyway and my hairdresser doesn't see it as a problem. Have a look around and see what you like the look of and go from there. image
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