Is £40 too cheap for bridal make up?

I am going to use a mobile beauty therapist for my make up so she can come to my hotel, but her price list says £40 for a bride inc trial and my mum would be only £15. I don't know how much mileage etc she charges but does this sound too cheap? Or am I just being paranoid & should be glad i've found a bargain?


  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    have you had a trial yet, or do you know anybody who's had their make up done by this lady?
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513
    Have the trial and make your mind up! My trial is booked in and im only being charged £45 if i go ahead after the free trial, not sure about my mums and bridesmaid costs, will discuss with her at the trial.

    I'd say give it a go, at worst you will lose £40, at best you will have an absolute bargain and be happy with your makeup! image
  • sweetbintysweetbinty Posts: 96
    I'd ask what the catch is, also what make up is she using, is she trained to do bridal make up, has she got any reviews, does she have a site you can read up on previous client reviews, Ive just found an amazing lady in the midlands, she is fantastic does both hair and make up, uses the airbrush make up, had a trial and it was loveli natural and still looked good into the evening as i wore it alday. happy to pass her details to you.
  • missymoo21missymoo21 Posts: 185
    I had one trial with one lady about 2 weeks ago who would charge £70, then another yesterday from a lady who charges £40.

    I thought my first trial was 'ok', but do I really want to pay £70 to just feel ok when I could do it better myself!? My second trial (the cheaper one), on the other hand, was lovely! The lady seemed so much more confident than the first and did exactly what I had asked.

    Just because they charge a certain price doesn't necessarily mean they won't be any good! Do what I did and book the trial, and as someone else said if worse comes to worse you've only lost £40 - and most of them won't charge full price for the trial anyways!!
  • MrsSAllen and MrsBeau2B, are any of you getting married in the Berkshire area as I would be interested in speaking to your contacts if so.





  • MrsLC2014MrsLC2014 Posts: 157

    My sisters bridal make up cost £45 and I had a slightly cheaper bridesmaid option but it was so good and my make up stayed perfect all day!

    x x

  • gildiusgildius Posts: 113

    I know someone who had the had a free trial for her wedding day, so she didn't pay anything. Bit cheeky, wouldn't recommend it!

    Go for the trial run and see if you like it image

  • wow £45 sounds like a bargin i'm struggling to find some one in the hertforshire area under £140


  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    Wow Gildius that IS cheeky! Wonder if the make up artist was suspicious?

    I think you should go for the trial and make your mind up then.

  • claire190claire190 Posts: 1

    Im looking for mobile hair and makeup when i get married on 7th sept in gretna can anyone reccomend someone and give me a price please x

  • simone8simone8 Posts: 4

    I had my wedding hair done by this lady and she also arranged a makeup artist!

    She is really reasonably priced and I think she's done various celebrities weddings too!!


  • my make up artist is charging around £35 pp including travel with minimum numbers of 5.

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