calling all redheaded, naturally blonde and fair skinned or freckly brides!!

If you fit the topic subject I'm sure you'll know how hard it is to find foundation that doesn't look super obvious and heavy on this type of skin. I am blondeish red headed and pale, and really want to look flawless without looking heavily made up on my wedding day.

Which primers, powders and foundations do you use? I love my clinique super balanced but it does look quite obvious in sunlight and sits in fine lines a little. Have heard good things about benefit and Mac but not specifically from pale snails like myself!

Any tips appreciated!!


  • have a look at bareminerals, it is by far the best I have found.
  • I'm a brunette but very pale regardless. I never tan so my skin is always either deathly white or lobster red!

    The best foundation I've found is L'Oreal True Match in Ivory (just plain Ivory - not Ivory Gold or Ivory Rose). However, I always wear it with Maybelline Primer, as I find it does look too heavy otherwise. With the two together though, you'd question whether I was actually wearing make-up or just had naturally perfect skin.
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    I'm naturally fair (although a dyed blondeimage) and I have very, very pale skin - with freckles. I also have dry skin so really struggle to find good foundations.

    For day to day wear I tend to use a BB cream with smashbox photo finish primer underneath. For slightly heavier coverage I'm a big fan of Mac StudioFinish make-up. I've heard good things about Bobbi Brown and they do very light shades, I just found it too heavy for my skin and it made me break out.

    There's also Nicola Roberts "Dainty Doll" range which is designed exclusively for pale skin, I've never used it myself but could be worth a go.
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    I'm naturally pale (ghost like) with freckles and dark blonde hair -though dyed lighter and I love my pale skin! Most foundations turn me orange! I was recommended Max Factor by someone once as it was for really pale skin- It made me tangerine.

    I use L'oreal Infallible in Porcelain and it's the only foundation I've found that works. My friend asked me the other day if I ever wear foundation. I told her I had it on and she said you couldn't tell. Must be blending in well then!
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    I know JUST what you mean! And as my skin is yellow based rather than pink based, that's a whole other challenge. I think it's Lancome who do very pale shades for the oriental market which are good and I've used them and Clinique successfully. I reckon Laura Mercier would be worth a go too - all of these brands should give you a little bottle to try in natural daylight.

    Shu Uemera might be good as well as again, they cater for the oriental market - and I use their translucent powder which is very sheer. The MAC prep and prime loose powder is great too - but very expensive for such a teeny pot.
  • If I'm working on someone who's really pale I would use either bourjois healthy mix foundation - in the palest shade (an exact copy of my beloved Chanel prolumiere which gas been discontinued) or obsessive compulsive cosmetics (OCC) tinted mousturiser in y0 or y1.

    This looks incredible on the skin as it's Demi Matt unlike most tm's that's are quite dewy on the skin and shiny on camera. It's palest shades are very pale. You can get it from

    For powder I would use Shu Uemura colourless loose powder - it has no colour in it at all so won't oxidise on the skin and turn orange.

    Juliet x
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    i tried an ysl makeover the other day and was impressed with the primmer there but its expensive, the main thing i liked was the spf 30 it has in it which i really really REALLY need as my hair does go red in the sun so i have a hidden ginger in me somewhere and my freckles mean im pasty or im red and nothing in between. the foundation she put on but she said a large part of that was my dry dead skin so i am now exfoliating every day and will try a mac makeover when im in brixton next as that has great reviews, is 2/3 of the price and the primer has spf 50 it in-my dream hehe. i will report back how that goes
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    I personally use a tinted moisturiser, maxfactor is good, and sometimes a bronzer over the top. I don't really 'do' make-up but this gives me a little colour without being orange and makes my face less shiny for photo's. this would be what I would do for my wedding too, but I am getting married abroad, and no idea how to factor in the tan.
  • So from what I've read, a decent primer is what stops foundation from looking too heavy? I keep hearing about smashbox so maybe I'll give that a go. Maybe a bb too, which is best?
  • Also, how much are makeup counter trials for say, Mac?
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    Yes saint laurent was free. ill hopefully be able to see tomorrow about mac and let you know although im sure I've heard some people say £50 and then you get that£50 back in vouchers to spend on their products. im not paying to test their make-up...bugger that! ill just be a piano and dip my finger in all the products Hehe
  • cheers, i'd be interested to know. I've never had a counter trial because i always assumed it costs loads and then you get pressured into buying!
  • I'm very pale and rarely wear make-up as I can't be bothered, but wanted something for the wedding. I have been going to all the different make-up counters explaining my situation and they have been very helpful. I've have foundation trials with samples from estee lauder, MAC, Dior and Chanel, and the current front runners are MAC or Dior. They all gave me a sample to take home and have a few goes with too. And they didn't charge me for any of these!

    I will probably also get the estee lauder idealist pore minimiser primer as I do have enlarged pores not matter what I do with them!!

    It's my birthday on Sunday so I have asked most people for vouchers for the beauty counters so I can buy the things I like for the wedding.
  • Ooh good idea on the beauty vouchers, will have to remember that for my birthday in November! That's good that they were free, was it in a boots?
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    right i found a mac counter, it was too busy for a make-up trial of any sort but a lady spoke to me for a while and gave me some samples of the spf 50 primer and a foundation (realised afterwards i wasnt paying attention so dont know which primmer but the lightest colour they had of whichever one)

    ive got them on now and im working til 10pm so we will see (thats also includes a trip on the tube to see how it copes with that). i can feel the foundation/primer which i couldnt so much with the yvl (but then a proper person did that i did this so maybe i put too much on) but my skin feels so soft and theres no dryness anywhere and my freckles look reduced-still there which my man will like but not to heavy on the nose where im sure they are starting to join to give me a tan or something. the colour is nice and suits me well, its very light in colour so no orange. just have to see how it gets on with the afternoon and evening but so far i think i like it. it doesnt smell very much either which is a bonus

    i, also trying rimmel eye liner gel thing which is supposed to be waterproof when dry and that was easy to put on and you get quite a lot int the pot so wel see how that does too. i do love my very heavy eye make-up and il doing the same for my wedding day

    will let you know how it all goes by the end of the day image
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    oh forgot to say despite being a mac person she recommended benefit for long lasting eye shadow and eye primers and also to look at urban decay for eye bits
  • I use mac prep and prime spf50 primer on myself and all my brides with oily skin. I love it. You only need a small amount though and give it a few minutes to sit before you apply foundation on top.

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    thank you, i did leave it a bit as ive read to do that before, im really surprised how little you need of that or the foundation which does help the price (although mac is not too bad in comparison to many). my skin isnt at all oily it leans more towards the dry i REALLY need the high spf, infact if it is at all sunny i will need to more on later in the day if it works like normal sun cream and factor 50 normally covers me for max of 2 hours of dog walking image
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    Urban Decay make the best eye make-up base I've ever discovered
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    I have really pale skin and a fair number of freckles on my cheeks and nose and for many years have not been able to find a decent foundation that wouldn't dry out my skin or make me look orange... however, 3 weeks ago I went to the Bare Minerals counter in Debenhams and they did a free make-up trial on me. They tried a number of extremely light powder foundations and found a perfect skin match for me. I ended up spending £95 on tonnes of make-up (which is a definite first for me!). I bought a clear primer which i put on first and leave for 5 minutes (bearing in mind all of their make-up is SPF 15 - not a high factor obviously but better than nothing), I then use an extremely light powder foundation, a tiny bit of bronzer and then cover that with 'mineral viel' which is a powder to hold it all in place which is transluscent. I also got some lovely eye shadow, waterproof mascara, eye liner and a lip-tint. I have had this make-up on a few times now and the longest I have had it on is about 18 hours - the only part I have had to re-apply is the lip tint but even that lasts ages and you only have to re-apply it once you have had something to eat and drink. I will definitly be using this for my wedding make-up. It is so light-weight that you can't even feel it on your face, whereas in the past other foundations I have tried made my face feel quite tight and dry and they always looked a bit too orangey for me. I would recommend it to anyone. It is a bit pricey but I would say it is worth the money, but go for a free trial so that they can find your perfect shade.
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    theres some great tips going on it here, thank you!

    sooooo ... mac image well im afraid i have to admit im a dirty thing and can never be bothered to take my make up off before bed and i woke up this morning to beautifully smooth skin, still a bit of foundation (or at least i felt my skin looked a more even tone still) and surprisingly the rimmel gel liner was almost completely intact. im really pleased with the mac primer and foundation and will def keep using the tester they gave me but i think im also going to buy and test out over the next few months. need to find some decent powder for over the top as there was one point last night i would have liked to put more powder on but my skin never went greasy as it often does with make-up on all day and i never had any redness come through on my cheeks. i could feel towards the end of the night the weight of the gel liner and it did make me eyes feel a bit sleepy but it think if i wore it everyday as i do with liquid liner i would get used to it
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