Calling all East Sussex and Kent brides - I need your help!

Hello ladies!

I have recently completed a bridal beauty course in London and, in a massive career change for me, am setting up my own bridal makeup business.

I am looking for brides who are getting married in the East Sussex/Kent area this year and would like to have their makeup done at a really reduced rate. I would charge £30 to include a trial (just to cover makeup and transport costs), and if you weren't happy after the trial there would be no charge at all. Bridesmaids and Mums etc... would be £15 for the day.

I am looking to build my portfolio, so the only catch is that I would ask for a few of your professional photos to be used on my website.

I have done the makeup for a couple of weddings and my own - see pic below - but obviously pictures are everything in this field, so I need lots more!

Please post on here or PM me if you or anyone you know is interested. You ladies were great in the run up to my wedding last August, so hopefully you can help me out now too!

If anyone has any beauty questions I would also be happy to try to answer them!

Penny xx


  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777
    Oh no, I think the files are too big as they are professional photos.

    If anyone wants to see them though, I'm happy to email them over.
  • rlquinnellrlquinnell Posts: 97
    Hello im an east sussex bride! Could you email me over the piccies? [email protected]

    Thankyou x x
  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777

    Hello. I had an email from someone on here but have not been able to open it due to update of the site and now it has vanished. Please could you message me again? 


    If you want to look at my website it is I would appreciate any feedback good or bad! 

  • L-MacL-Mac Posts: 4


    I am getting married in Brighton on 20th October this year. Are you free then? Have you got a website?



  • L-MacL-Mac Posts: 4

    Sorry, just seen the link to your website. Would still like to know if you are free.


  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777
    Hello Lisa. Yes I am free then. If you would like to give me a call - number on website, we could chat about what you are after. image
  • Mrs HawksbeeMrs Hawksbee Posts: 189


    I have just seen this post and your website and am a very interested Kent bride!  I am getting married on 31st March 2013 (Easter Sunday) next year and have found trying to find a make up artist that is reasonable and talented difficult!  Would you be free on this date?  It would be for my mum, my 2 adult bridesmaids and me.  I do have 3 flower girls but they will be a bit young for make up x

  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777


    Hi Mrs Hawksbee2b!

    Thank you for your interest. I am free on 31st March 2013 and would love to be given the opportunity to be your makeup artist for your big day. I am no longer offering the £30 deal that I was due to a lot of interest, however I do still have another promotion open for 50% off the total cost of makeup, with 2 spaces left, which for you would be £20 for your trial, £25 for the day for you and £17.50 for each of the other adults for the day after the discount. With regard to your flower girls, I do a free glitter and gloss service if you would like this.

    Please let me know if you are still interested and we can get a trial booked in. Whereabouts do you live and where are you getting married?

    My website is if you would like to have a look at it. My phone number is on there if you would like to have a chat.

    Penny image


  • Mrs HawksbeeMrs Hawksbee Posts: 189

    Book me in!  I am emailing you now!xxx

  • KatieJo2013KatieJo2013 Posts: 103

    Is this 50% offer you've just mentioned available for a kent wedding in September 2013?x

  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777

    You have mail, Mrs Hawksbee2b! xx

  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777

    Hello Youngbride2013, I have one spot left so at the moment, yes!

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