Any brides done their own makeup or plan to?

I know it's ages away but It's been crossing my mind to my own makeup, obviously with Mac and Bobbi Brown so good makeup! I was bored last night so decided to do a makeup 'trial' image Done it without eyelashes though which I would wear on the day, just natural looking thick ones. So is it better to get your makeup done professionally for the day or is it the same? I'd have a makeup lesson with Mac first btw


  • woops
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756
    I am also having a trial with MAC - I am doing my own make up because I want to look like me and also because I am a control freak!

    I think your's looks great (the camera has made the pics a bit dark) but from what I can see it looks lovely image
  • Thanks! Yeah I'm like that, at least then you can do it exactly how you like it
  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    I think it looks very pretty, you're obviously confident doing your own makeup so I think doing your own is a good idea!

    I had 2 MAC lessons before the big day and loved them. I picked up loads of tips and tricks and they used colours I wouldn't have picked but worked really well! I was really happy doing my own make up and enjoyed doing it I had all that lovely makeup to keep afterwards image
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    im doing my own and am having a go with some mac primer and foundation atm. i want the morning for me and my girls/dogs, no faff, no worrying about other people and timings. i think you can have a much more relaxing morning doing it yourself and ive got a year to practice and do it quickly. doing my hair and make-up as i do atm i can be ready in 1 hour and thats more than long enough for me to faff over me, i just cant be bothered with it
  • Yeah imthinking I. Can pay for all new makeup and after the wedding still have all nice makeup! Ill just get my hair done (I'm hopeless at hair)
  • I had 3 make up trials all of them were not right at all so I did my own how i like it
  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453
    Same lilymou! I am super pale and make up artists insist on painting me orange!
  • Bennett2BeBennett2Be Posts: 127
    Looks great to me!

    I'm also pretty sure I'm going to do my own makeup - I had mine done for a friend's wedding a few years ago, and my wedding makeup trial last week with a makeup artist who does it for films and TV (I thought she would be good) but both times I ended up looking like I've been dug up!

    I've got eyebrows a similar shape to yours, and NOBODY can do them except me! I do them sharp and thinned out at the ends but nobody 'gets' it, they end up looking like furry caterpillars!

    I'm looking at the Mac route - where do you get the lessons etc - are they free at department store counters or something?
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    I had my MAC trial the other day and it confirmed why I want to do my own. It looked lovely but they really plastered it on. I bought all the products that she used and plan to practice the look but do it the way I like it.

    There's pros and cons obviously and the make up artist could do yours brilliantly on the day but I just don't want to take the risk.
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